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MetaFilter: Dont take it personally

(2012-02-27 21:25:58) Robot Roomba pickers , a TED talk.

AskMeFi: Is it weird Is it math

(2012-02-27 18:28:56) I liked Rudy Rucker's Infinity and the Mind for all the bigger than ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

AskMeFi: Can downloads be traced to a computer using an open wireless network

(2012-02-27 13:25:06) Hypothetically, your machine had a DHCP lease tying an IP address to a MAC

AskMeFi: Recommended software to download website

(2012-02-27 12:18:37) Use `wget` which might already be on your machine. Like This .

AskMeFi: Gravity of the situation

(2012-02-24 14:56:38) Sure you could. You just need very fine control of your gravity generator.

AskMeFi: network throughput and latency monitoring on cloud server

(2012-02-23 06:13:52) BWCTL uses Iperf (or a couple of other bandwidth testing tools) on the

AskMeFi: What is best approach for measuring cloud network latency

(2012-02-14 18:06:03) First impulsive answer, No. Comprehensive + Easy + Windows is like one of

AskMeFi: What should I try next

(2012-02-10 18:26:06) Try FIXMBR or `fdisk /mbr` from the Recovery option of the XP install disk.

AskMeFi: Where is the Ubuntu Invest Data stored

(2012-02-06 14:49:24) Try: ~/.gnome2/invest-applet/stocks.pickle

MetaFilter: In a day or twooooooo

(2012-02-03 14:47:56) Parts of that totally made me think of Amélie . I kinda like the accordion

MetaFilter: daddy the internet is slow today

(2012-02-03 09:07:50) Their ICSI Netalyzer is a good "WTF is up with my ISP" tool. Bufferboat is

AskMeFi: Linux Ubuntu filter Why arent my login supplementary groups correct

(2012-02-02 15:25:39) The oddity I see in a quick look is that /etc/pam.d/login has the

AskMeFi: You what me

(2012-02-01 16:15:42) Same as workerant. "'Preeshiate cha", from the Eastern TN, Western VA

AskMeFi: Tell me how to stop making this JavaScript mistake

(2012-01-30 07:17:31) Comparison:

AskMeFi: Logging Footage the fastest way

(2012-01-30 06:53:42) You're running into character encoding issues. I'm not sure what the
(2012-01-30 03:51:55) I sounds like you a) got Xcode installed; b) got tree installed; c) ran
(2012-01-29 23:28:54) Perl to the rescue!

MetaFilter: ginklaT sdrawkcaB

(2012-01-29 23:53:59) Now if she learns to instantly translate to IPA first...

AskMeFi: How can I fix inking mistakes in comics

(2012-01-25 23:29:32) FWIW, scrapping/cutting was the standard thing in drafting back in the day.

AskMeFi: The Instantwatcher is a lie

(2012-01-23 16:50:52) Funny thing, watching the 'Newly Available' page on instantwatcher they

MetaFilter: SEAndroid

(2012-01-21 19:58:55) FLOSS Weekly had an interesting podcast last year on SELinux in general.

MetaFilter: The rise and fall of personal computing

(2012-01-18 13:10:23) Nah, the facial recognition multi-user only works if you sign up for the

AskMeFi: PaperFilter

(2012-01-17 16:42:31) Wikipedia says: For example, a 10 pt. card is 0.010 in (0.254 mm) thick

AskMeFi: teriyaki

(2012-01-16 23:17:53) Haven't heard of teriyaki with kombu or rice wine vinegar / sesame oil

MetaFilter: The result Something that sounds like dubstep except they took out all the good parts and replaced with crap Fucking Skrillex

(2012-01-16 17:18:50) I recenly watched a presentation on Overtone , "an open source audio

AskMeFi: Simple data extraction program from TXT to CSV

(2012-01-14 11:11:02) You're going off into crazy land and turning a 30 second problem into a

AskMeFi: Help me help my colleague

(2012-01-08 07:14:21) There also seems to be a sshfs client for Windows. This would be simpler
(2012-01-08 07:04:19) Like reynaert said, Samba. If you're on a LAN so that network mounts are

AskMeFi: How can I repartition a hard drive connected by a USB enclosure when my system wont recognize its connected

(2012-01-06 16:43:57) This sounds more and more like the enclosure not talking to the drive. I
(2012-01-06 02:45:44) cobra_high_tigers: I'm not really sure about your usage of 'device string'
(2012-01-06 00:37:18) See if you have `lsusb` utility:
(2012-01-06 00:33:28) I don't know OSX, but check /var/log and maybe `fgrep -i usb /var/log/*` to

AskMeFi: earbud headphones permanent hearing damage

(2012-01-04 01:31:11) If somebody else can hear your music, all things being equal, you could put

AskMeFi: Everything must be dipped in chocolate what foods should we dip

(2012-01-02 12:52:49) Jalapeno Pringles dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cayenne

AskMeFi: Three little sentences will get you through life Number 1 Cover for me Number 2 Oh good idea Boss Number 3 It was like that when I got here Homer Simpson

(2011-12-29 10:46:16) Programming: "Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your

MetaFilter: Nethack over the Net

(2011-12-21 02:49:12) My last game is stuck on hold as I try and figure out what to do now. I've

MetaFilter: In which a young girl creates a giant radish spaceship becomes its captain then returns two years later in a bunny outfit with super powers

(2011-12-13 16:38:11) You need this version of IV for the extra minutes of storyboard to

AskMeFi: muffled no more

(2011-12-10 23:01:09) What you do is this: use a youtube video downloader to download the highest

MetaFilter: Quivera a fairly complete Unicode font

(2011-12-10 13:21:06) Gotta catch 'em all, pokeglyphs!

MetaFilter: the five best toys of all time

(2011-12-09 11:50:42) My dad was awesome. Around my preschool age he got a hankering to fill up

AskMeFi: Gettin hosed by Comcast

(2011-11-30 00:31:46) Sweet, maybe I'll get somewhere now. I've been fighting with a Comcast

MetaFilter: Occupy Flash

(2011-11-21 18:18:00) You think Flash is bad, Gnash is worse. I just did a minimal-ish install

AskMeFi: Compelling or interesting uses of municipal open data

(2011-11-18 14:46:53) Heh, cultivating-open-geodata-in-the-real-world .

AskMeFi: Running a wireless router off a Dell 24 switch router

(2011-11-13 16:25:43) Oh, if there's a not-the-WLAN port on the WRT, try plugging into that one
(2011-11-13 16:20:35) Aside from the 7 computers and the wired Linksys, is anything else plugged
(2011-11-13 15:43:31) Is your Dell switch connected to the internet through the linksys?

AskMeFi: ls output scrolling off the screen

(2011-11-11 18:09:14) I can haz color and columz and quitz?

AskMeFi: This Canon MP495 is very sleepy

(2011-11-09 14:58:35) Yes, WOL is possible on wireless. It just takes a bit more power to keep
(2011-11-08 23:03:41) You might try to find a Wake-On-LAN program for your PC. Cannon's site is

AskMeFi: How can I batch rename filenames to match a list from another folder or text file on a Mac

(2011-11-07 16:12:06) Question is, how do you make the list of filename mappings... From "High

AskMeFi: Want to create a cover gallery

(2011-11-05 22:18:20) This example should work on vanilla OSX as long as you have the 'rar'

MetaTalk: AskMe rocks

(2011-10-29 14:43:59) Whenever I have a question, I just wait a week and somebody else asks it

MetaFilter: Growing Old Gothically

(2011-10-26 06:39:37) happy goths, pffft. PerkyGoths.

AskMeFi: Is my ISP throttling my connection

(2011-10-25 01:01:23) Ditto bits vs bytes and 10 bits/sec ~ 1 byte/sec is a better conversion.

AskMeFi: Should I report this security issue to my school

(2011-10-20 01:41:07) Also, if they're smart, they notice the bulk get-everything type of

AskMeFi: Shortcircuiting two ethernet outlets

(2011-10-20 01:13:17) Yes. So a broadcast packet enters a switch and is sent out every port. It

AskMeFi: Physics with Albegra for the nonlinear thinkers

(2011-10-18 22:16:47) You should really check out The Mechanical Universe series of videos (which

AskMeFi: Boot Camp

(2011-10-13 21:14:06) If you could TAB complete that vmlinuz file path and it failed then you're
(2011-10-13 19:11:19) Are you using a USB stick or USB cdrom when installing? It almost sounds

MetaFilter: Enhanced enhancement

(2011-10-11 11:34:56) Gah, got motion sickness from that video. It's like they had a crappy

AskMeFi: my new brakes are squeaking any quick fix

(2011-10-03 17:55:02) Try getting up to a quickish reverse and slamming on the brakes. I would

AskMeFi: Automator I hardly know er

(2011-09-25 19:19:32)

AskMeFi: Using multiple network services on OSX

(2011-09-21 09:16:08) I knew there was a way to do exactly this under Linux, Per-process routing

AskMeFi: Memory usage in Windows Server

(2011-09-18 06:59:36) How many cores? How many processes does CPLEX use? Is every bit of

AskMeFi: Musical Mashed Potatoes

(2011-09-17 20:50:08) Bootie Blog .

AskMeFi: Router possibly borked cant access site

(2011-09-10 03:54:00) ATM, I suspect instability in Hurricane Electric ( Using their
(2011-09-10 01:00:24) Oh, traceroute failing at some point is not really a good indicator of
(2011-09-10 00:49:56) It's probably nothing you can fix. If you're able to traceroute 10-ish

AskMeFi: Power to the PC

(2011-09-08 15:11:29) Remove the switch, twist the wires, replace the switch that now does

MetaFilter: Logans Run

(2011-09-03 13:21:38) Ankhs, and those fantastic blaster pistols that shot flames out the muzzle

AskMeFi: How can I get my router to work with Bonjour on iChatAdium

(2011-09-03 09:00:10) Check your school's acceptable use policy. I'll bet you're not allowed to

AskMeFi: Mysterious security cam vid

(2011-09-01 11:09:48) The converter tool works under Wine, so there's that. A few example video

AskMeFi: Statistics filter How do I calculate the keyspace size of a password

(2011-08-27 21:32:50) Yeah, I tried thinking for a while and the more detailed rules don't really
(2011-08-27 02:40:02)

AskMeFi: I hate that Im asking for chick flicks but Im asking for chick flicks

(2011-08-23 20:39:17) Chungking Express

MetaFilter: 10 bonkers things about the universe

(2011-08-20 21:46:22) Meh, 22 minutes in and it's not all that. Atom are mostly empty space, the

AskMeFi: Laptop is great desktop is crawling

(2011-08-19 14:51:51) For future reference. Autonegotiation must be set on both sides for it to

AskMeFi: Where to find a VT100

(2011-08-11 22:03:59) Oh, and nobody's going to have terminals of this vintage still in use.

AskMeFi: Oh Randall you do confound me so

(2011-08-10 05:46:27) Heh, longer is better. And the sad truth is that entropy decreases with

AskMeFi: bootless toshiba

(2011-08-08 22:20:32) I tried the wiki way from a WinXP VM and it worked first time. But I
(2011-08-08 20:01:00) Now the pxelinux.0 file is zero length anyway which may or may not be as it
(2011-08-06 01:52:29) FWIW, I have managed to get the BOOTP/TFTP/GRUB2/USB path working on my
(2011-08-04 00:35:22) The thing is, if you can get to a grub prompt either by floppy, drive
(2011-08-03 21:24:26) Oops, I would start looking into grub2 and how to boot USB stick without
(2011-08-03 21:15:44) Do you actually have a floppy?

AskMeFi: Will resealed sausages kill me

(2011-08-05 19:47:31) It takes me about three weeks to go through a pack of hotdogs from the

AskMeFi: Scrumptious Or not

(2011-08-05 17:52:40) It will likely be flat and sorta nasty. Such has been my experience with

MetaFilter: Gone in 60 seconds

(2011-08-04 23:44:21) Nice trick, let's see you do it again.

AskMeFi: Can modified dates be modified

(2011-08-04 23:00:49) You want something like ExactFile or md5summer . The basic idea is that

MetaFilter: Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha

(2011-07-30 20:53:46) Big boat, little boat, no boat, and now look at my yacht.

AskMeFi: Ruby vs Java which wins

(2011-07-30 15:23:13) OSCON 2011 just happened this week. There were a lot of presentations Re:

AskMeFi: Why do my speaker drivers keep disappearing

(2011-07-29 08:27:04) I think this is a side-effect of the way manufacturers cheat on the USB

AskMeFi: How do we know when theyre really speaking Klingon

(2011-07-28 12:20:12) What is wrong with just using a different font? Aliens speak in Comic

MetaFilter: The Fallacy of Sprites

(2011-07-26 13:01:57) This brings back memories of weeks and weeks spent in front of the Purple

AskMeFi: Help me pick a new programming language to learn

(2011-07-24 11:12:55) hrmm,

AskMeFi: Significance of cotton ball taped to water bottle in hotel room

(2011-07-23 03:04:49) Taped how? I would suspect that it's so you can put the cotton ball in the

AskMeFi: Help me bring my crappy keyboard back to life

(2011-07-22 08:46:07) 8 batteries? In series? 12 volts. Is the power supply you have 12 volts?

MetaFilter: iTerm2 Mac OS Terminal Replacement

(2011-07-20 11:09:31) Some of those features are actually pretty nifty, I might try to write a
(2011-07-20 08:45:19) One thing that all terminals fail to do is do proper mouse control. If I

AskMeFi: Help me get random numbers by mental arithmetic

(2011-07-19 09:20:27) Pick a random large number, divide by 7, keep remainder for 0-6, choose a

AskMeFi: Why so last century

(2011-07-19 06:56:22) FWIW, the deb packages look like they should work... if you're going to use

AskMeFi: seeking the playlist of a compilation cassette

(2011-07-19 01:11:40) Well, I remember the tape existing, much as you describe. I'm sure it had

MetaFilter: Mark Twains Advice To Little Girls

(2011-07-15 23:09:16) Try reading it in the voice of William S. Burroughs .

MetaFilter: Here kitty kitty Or maybe not

(2011-07-11 17:57:43) Trap-Bell-Release. Did everybody forget that you're supposed to put bells

AskMeFi: Making shower time even better

(2011-07-07 08:37:41) Another $1 store thing, a pack of novelty LED ice cubes. They're
(2011-07-07 01:07:24) Get a few sprigs of eucalyptus from a florist and hang them in the corner,

AskMeFi: Cleaning mini multi tools

(2011-07-06 13:34:36) I would have said to soak in methyl ethyl ketone if they're the all-metal

AskMeFi: Rogue network traffic on Windows XP64

(2011-07-04 19:22:23) SNMP Queries can cause problems with switches. They can be to broadcast
(2011-07-04 01:43:32) Are they sure it's Traps and not Queries? What are you running in the VMs?

AskMeFi: A natty downgrade

(2011-07-04 05:12:38) Keep your old /home unmounted during install, let it create a new /home on


(2011-07-03 19:05:35) Original post: MeFi XMPP/Jabber chat . I think it also suffered from "low
(2011-07-03 18:33:09) There was/is an XMPP/Jabber server I setup that even does authentication

MetaFilter: Simple Symbols

(2011-07-01 05:49:07)

AskMeFi: Help needed for my last minute Cali trip

(2011-06-29 16:35:03) I would check out the Airport Shuttle vans. One of them (the blue ones I

AskMeFi: Early2000s Perl Beckons with Plentiful Documentation

(2011-06-27 23:21:31) Those 'peculiar to perl' issues are why you shouldn't learn era 2000 and

AskMeFi: typing katakana details

(2011-06-21 04:37:17) Better example of adding custom dictionary entries.
(2011-06-21 04:16:17) These links might get you started:
(2011-06-21 04:04:16) Not sure about Windows anymore... play around with the Function keys.

AskMeFi: Breathe New Life Into An Eee 900

(2011-06-20 10:18:44) I have a 900 with an older (9.10) Ubuntu on it, it came with I think Puppy

AskMeFi: Help in Translating Japanese

(2011-06-16 05:50:14) You want The . Full of nice friendly and helpful people.

AskMeFi: Changing timestamps on an audio file

(2011-05-22 15:36:30) What is the format of the actual audio file? It's likely that the audio

AskMeFi: I feel you bro I feel you

(2011-05-21 21:10:39) It's girls, but all of the ARIA (The Animation, The Natural, The

AskMeFi: Letter Frequency Which Letters for Which Letters

(2011-05-21 19:50:27) A stupid C version , 6,551,666 chars/s, probably mucked up by such a small

MetaFilter: TermKit

(2011-05-19 09:29:45) felix, I use cat the same way. The initial may start as a 'cat
(2011-05-19 09:06:42) These applications are ordered by (in all senses of the term) the ultimate
(2011-05-19 08:52:45) ideopath, all that git stuff is configurable.

AskMeFi: Typing on laptop

(2011-05-18 04:47:23) Another wildcard option that I'm a bit unsure of on Windows machines (esp.
(2011-05-17 20:48:03) Deflagro, does that little 'lock' button above the '=' sign happen to have
(2011-05-17 20:02:45) 8I would add to gatorbiddy, on my laptop it's 'Scroll Lk' that is the Fn

MetaFilter: Now what if we could get X11 running in this thing

(2011-05-17 03:21:16) & is in the right place, it just prints as '"'.

AskMeFi: Are giant steps what you take walking on The Sun apologies to The Police

(2011-05-17 00:01:46) Stephen Baxter's Flux Dura and her fellow human beings live inside a

AskMeFi: Profitable Plant Extracts

(2011-05-16 22:10:45) Not sure what's the popular herbal extract at the moment, but it's possible

AskMeFi: Anyone care for reigniting the aptget vs aptitude flamewar

(2011-05-16 14:13:00) Guess that clears up that. I've been using apt-get, aptitude, synaptic and

AskMeFi: Fantasy Epics

(2011-05-13 22:39:29) Steven Brust 's novels, the Dragaeran series (Vlad Taltos and the Khaavren

AskMeFi: Lifetime warranty on tools really

(2011-05-09 13:28:00) My dad worked at a big steel fabrication shop back in the 70's - 80's.

MetaFilter: Git

(2011-05-07 20:57:12) I love my Git. We used RCS (and still to for single config files in

AskMeFi: At least I am not getting the Chinese character for Dishwasher

(2011-05-07 11:32:33) Somehow reminds me of Minesweeper.

AskMeFi: Exporting video as an image sequence

(2011-05-06 05:28:44) What do you mean adjust the frame rate? My little saved snippet is for

AskMeFi: Items to give to area homeless people

(2011-05-05 16:13:02) I was homeless for a couple of years and the 'buzzkill' people are full of
(2011-05-05 15:17:11) Alcohol swabs, q-tips, cotton balls, allergy pills, neosporin, band-aids,

AskMeFi: To git or not to git that is the question

(2011-05-04 04:08:21) Everything above is correct. Git doesn't really meet your desired usage

AskMeFi: Scripts for enforcing naming conventions

(2011-05-01 20:59:13) Perl! example .

AskMeFi: Streaks on the machine

(2011-04-30 21:44:34) Bingo Corvid, I think the trick is really hot water because it cools down

AskMeFi: How to get my Dell Ubuntu server to boot from a different drive

(2011-04-30 08:48:34) How?
(2011-04-29 20:50:51) flabdablet, I really don't think fstab has anything to do with initrd. At
(2011-04-29 11:19:08) dd is a bad idea unless your partitions are the same size, or your
(2011-04-29 04:27:23) When you rsync'd it probably skipped copying /proc /sys /dev because

AskMeFi: Free or cheap DIY electric ukulele plans

(2011-04-28 18:21:46) You might want to drop a line to some of the Boing Boing people. Search

AskMeFi: what are some really cool optical illusions I can print and put on my wall

(2011-04-27 04:37:30) Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile .

AskMeFi: Computer ignoramus at the helm over here

(2011-04-25 19:38:58) My answer from a previous Mac OSX audio to youtube thread.

AskMeFi: One what

(2011-04-20 05:48:43) Related: Pour one out for the dead homies . Or taking a toke, or a hit

AskMeFi: Retrieving a toothbrush from the sink drain

(2011-04-12 18:03:49) Or thread a piece of string through a straw so that the ends of the string
(2011-04-12 18:01:26) Is it head first or tail first down? How well do you know its shape? Get

AskMeFi: How to access other drives contents on startup in Ubuntu

(2011-04-10 12:41:59) Open a Terminal. Become root. Run some commands. Make a mount point, edit

AskMeFi: Programming for kids

(2011-04-05 01:59:39) Also check out Etoys , another GUI-based teaching environment on top of

MetaTalk: 60 Quakes and QWOP

(2011-04-01 02:52:35) woodblock, kick ass. I'm a big fan of the NHK fluff pieces and have been

MetaFilter: Reflections on Pioneer

(2011-03-31 11:08:31) Strangely enough a cow is roughly a torus. The hole running from the mouth

MetaFilter: Japanpostearthquake nuclear crisis keeps going

(2011-03-28 14:14:43) I wonder what part of the 'weapons-grade' plutonium may be fallout from
(2011-03-18 22:29:27) rainy, definately more than 10m max. 10m sea walls were swept over like
(2011-03-18 22:27:50) BungaDunga, if news is to be believed... based on the 3-5km inland reach of

MetaFilter: Burgers Juicy Juicy Burgers

(2011-03-27 23:46:36) Gee, thanks. Now I'm hungry, I miss New Mexico, and I miss my

AskMeFi: Yahoo Toolbar Redirect Is it the router

(2011-03-25 20:06:44) Next time you visit, give Netalyzr a try. Among other tests, it will give

AskMeFi: How can I calculate a monthdate delta

(2011-03-25 09:10:25) days=31; while [ $(date -d "$days days ago" +%d) != 13 ]; do days=$(($days

AskMeFi: Instant prepaid card

(2011-03-22 23:06:47) If the pre-paid cards will work, you can find them at almost any 7-11,

MetaFilter: Large earthquake off coast of Japan

(2011-03-18 20:40:47) doh!
(2011-03-18 19:03:52) Sweet, man rescued after being buried 8 days.
(2011-03-16 21:14:22) Did the oil refinery fires and that forest fire get put out or otherwise
(2011-03-15 23:24:22) angrybeaver, like this ? Not sure of your original parameters... I use
(2011-03-15 21:36:12) The Hindo City background radiation US mirror has an archive started if you
(2011-03-15 04:24:27) I am so waiting for TV to get back to normal. I'm watching the 'Japanese'
(2011-03-14 23:51:46) If it croaks for some reason (probably shouldn't for just an image...) I
(2011-03-14 23:38:42) has a mirror of the radiation graph updated
(2011-03-14 22:48:57) BungaDunga, I may not get this 'upstream' thing. Is it just a weirdly
(2011-03-14 01:03:18) Yeah, I don't know the details of my University's EMS, but I know there is
(2011-03-13 23:38:34) a humble nudibranch, one of our security guys sends us automated quake
(2011-03-12 23:32:50) 63 year old man rescued 15km out at sea. (Japanese link)
(2011-03-12 23:13:46) Wow, 63 year old man rescued from the sea 15km off of Fukushima.
(2011-03-12 21:55:27) I figure the camouflage paint job on the buildings is meant to look like
(2011-03-12 19:02:35) Read that as the backup worked, then a rat ate through the generator's fuel
(2011-03-12 15:50:01) Mizu, LPG and Oil Refinery generics wikipedia pages may or may not ease
(2011-03-11 15:25:56) CrazyLemonade, if I half-heard right and have the right picture in mind,
(2011-03-11 00:21:15) South and Central California NOAA Tsunami watch just came up on Emergency

MetaTalk: New nuke thread

(2011-03-17 19:38:22) Glad I didn't mention the sadly unaccepted non-endorsed mefi-only XMPP chat

MetaFilter: A crash course in nuclear wessels

(2011-03-16 17:16:52) woodblock100, that does look like a regular glitch in data recording. No
(2011-03-15 06:00:00) For the morning people, it's 10pm in Japan now, if you see crazy news
(2011-03-15 05:53:32) Give up on US news at least. ABC just told us that #4 was on fire and the
(2011-03-15 04:28:43) Trying to keep the Tokyo Geiger counter page from getting too bogged down
(2011-03-15 00:32:48) They want you in concrete buildings because they're more air-tight than
(2011-03-14 19:38:37) Increased radiation levels could come from anything that's inside of the
(2011-03-14 19:35:41) Yes, implication is that #4 fire caused by explosion at other plant.
(2011-03-14 19:26:06) No angsty teenagers around to pilot the robots.
(2011-03-14 19:24:15) #4 fire, is building, not fuel related.
(2011-03-14 19:13:09) anastasiav, he said they will provide accurate numbers so he isn't going to
(2011-03-14 17:28:46) St. Alia of the Bunnies, if my units program isn't nutty,
(2011-03-14 01:17:16) Good to know, I'm just cut-n-pasting. :)
(2011-03-14 01:14:55) fairytale of los angeles, Here , Bugbread tells us: "It comes from the fact
(2011-03-14 00:30:49) zachlipton, I was just going to say the same. Some loss of translation
(2011-03-14 00:04:34) Just on NHK World TV propper. #2 lost all coolant, considering venting as
(2011-03-13 23:59:31) NKK version (Japanese). #2 at 1:25, cooling going wonky, pressure up,
(2011-03-13 22:05:39) Pressure: 360 kilo pascals = 3.55 atmospheres = 52.2 psi, didn't catch
(2011-03-13 21:52:08) We should therefore get rid of all dogs.
(2011-03-13 21:47:45) You wan't to keep the uranium from melting because it's like dog doo in a
(2011-03-13 21:37:01) fairytaile, I think you're right. The things I've heard on NHK refer to

MetaFilter: The Dalai Lama Resigns

(2011-03-15 02:20:27) Guess I should go see him when he speaks in L.A. in May.

MetaTalk: Wider minus sign to remove from favorites

(2011-03-09 19:00:33) Hrm, does my keyboard doesn't have plus, minus, equals, open and close

AskMeFi: vi delete cr

(2011-03-03 18:27:52) Are you really using 'vi' as opposed to 'vim'? If you're using vim, and

MetaFilter: Benshi

(2011-02-28 00:22:04) Cool, KSCI in Los Angeles is playing a bunch of these during the early

AskMeFi: How does one build a supercomputer

(2011-02-24 14:34:16) I do occasional work on one of the Top100 Supercomputing Clusters. In the

MetaFilter: Anonymous warns Westboro Baptist Church stop now or else

(2011-02-20 10:51:29) We need the list of their legal firm's clients so we know who to boycott.

AskMeFi: Help me buy a sub200 digital camera

(2011-02-16 00:07:38) Cannon FTW, and get one you can put Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) on if

AskMeFi: Moving against the technology tide

(2011-02-13 02:06:42) I started on Apple II, Amiga, SunOS, Linux with a minor stint in NT land

AskMeFi: Cloning a hard drivehow

(2011-02-11 23:31:11) Yeah, roughly your old hard drive looked like this:

AskMeFi: Finding a decent commercial bank in Southern California

(2011-01-31 01:32:14) Check if your school has a credit union. Mine does and the Student

AskMeFi: Why do restaurants expect people to reuse their dirty utensils

(2011-01-28 09:23:31) I remember standing for long periods of time polishing silverware after

AskMeFi: Should I partition really big PostgreSQL tables

(2011-01-28 07:56:52) Here's a post I read recently talking about partitioning certain postgresql

MetaFilter: Well go where no ones gone before

(2011-01-28 05:07:14) Computer: Run level 2 diagnostics on environmental lighting and inertial

AskMeFi: What kind of graph plot am I looking for

(2011-01-26 02:44:19) You might want to look at gnuplot or one of the frontends. I'm sorta

AskMeFi: How can I add line breaks to a text file

(2011-01-26 02:34:25) Easy depending on your system... The standard Unix text utility for this

AskMeFi: He aint heavy hes mycoffee can

(2011-01-23 08:19:33) If you're not interested in a pretty can, and you go the lead route of some

AskMeFi: How do people typing these days

(2011-01-10 20:26:19) Touch type, mid 80s HS typing class on IBM Selectric. Only boy in the

AskMeFi: Need help finding Samurai movies

(2011-01-10 11:14:17) I believe FireStyle is referring to the reversed grip part of the style

AskMeFi: Does this investigative process have a name

(2011-01-09 21:41:18) I would think Entity Relationship Model in database design. More simply ER

AskMeFi: Want to free up some space dont want to delete nonduplicates

(2011-01-09 19:06:00) If you use my Perl you can also accomplish your second goal if you like.
(2011-01-09 18:40:38) djdh: Check out my code linked to above. It works well.
(2011-01-09 18:27:33) Umm...
(2011-01-09 17:28:55) Or you can try This Code . (yay Perl)
(2011-01-09 16:54:34) If you can find or install fdupes or a similar program. ( Darwin ports page

AskMeFi: How to convert a dictionary in XML format to a text file for use in a flashcard program

(2011-01-08 12:50:55) Ok, I don't really know Mac OS X that well but 95% of the time it's just
(2011-01-08 10:55:47) I hope you mean:
(2011-01-07 14:07:47) I should add that once looking deeper into the file instead of just random
(2011-01-07 13:53:07) Here is a quick example. The 'W/E:' are there for my quick scanning of the
(2011-01-07 10:00:25) That file doesn't seem to have what you think it has in it.
(2011-01-07 09:42:09) Link is just *slow*.

AskMeFi: Monolingual no more

(2011-01-07 15:43:25) I'll curmudgeon.

AskMeFi: Win7 Hibernate Scheduled Task Runs Even When Missed

(2011-01-06 04:15:23) WCityMike: I really wan't to know if the script actually works. If it does
(2011-01-05 06:26:10) Hopefully some Windows batch file guru will show up. I have no Windows

AskMeFi: 21 means 21 1 day

(2011-01-05 03:18:20) Fencepost avoidance. What if you were born at 23:59 on the 24th and you

AskMeFi: Help me find these matches from Joe vs the Volcano

(2011-01-04 12:03:49) Hurricane Matches ?

AskMeFi: TV that can read from USB Does it exist

(2011-01-04 09:30:00) My Sony Bravia is such a pain codec-wise. It's even networkable (YouTube,

AskMeFi: Stripping nonalphanumerics in a UTF8 friendly way

(2010-12-31 19:30:57) Make backups, but seems MySQL will do this for you. This from
(2010-12-31 01:21:33) You might also want to take a peek at RFC3454 'stringprep' . I doubt PHP
(2010-12-31 01:04:21) Indeed, if you have PCRE you can use [^[:alnum:]] to filter out

AskMeFi: EDM scene and College

(2010-12-28 22:00:43) Go Trojans! Little Dog . USC Robotics Society . USC used to be decently up

AskMeFi: I want a special snowflake server for christmas

(2010-12-26 13:17:38) It's not hard at all, you just keep the connection open.
(2010-12-25 08:49:26) Ewww. Think open and better accepted standards. You don't want to

AskMeFi: How to use GRUB to install a second OS on an existing second partition

(2010-12-23 12:11:10) Odd devnull, I would recommend the opposite. One /boot partition for all
(2010-12-17 22:28:30) Oh, if you *don't* have a separate /boot partition you want to put
(2010-12-17 22:11:48) You probably don't want to do what you're trying to do. First, I'm

AskMeFi: Its lonely out in space on such a timeless simulated flight

(2010-12-21 10:22:29) Space Pen.

AskMeFi: parse pixasa logs

(2010-12-16 13:04:32) Hats off to hattifattener. Roughly 2.5x faster than hash and 2x faster
(2010-12-16 07:50:30) Yeah, this is a one message class - one parser type of thing, and I don't
(2010-12-16 06:04:16) What do you mean by "messages aren't standard"? I don't think I've seen a

AskMeFi: How can I find common words in two lists

(2010-12-13 23:18:28) Do you mean each line is name(s) separated by commas or do you mean each

AskMeFi: How risky to reistall my Wordpress software

(2010-12-13 10:12:54) Did you do the one-click easy install or the custom install? The easy

AskMeFi: Ubuntu Hotel router

(2010-12-05 23:05:17) Uber simple router... You may not need a special crossover cable, modern
(2010-12-05 17:13:12) Probably an automatically configured rate limiting proxy that Windows

AskMeFi: Nakey Time Well maybe not

(2010-12-02 18:24:01) Naked, or close to it. The thing is, if you wear PJs and keep the heat all

AskMeFi: Some of us like brown and orange

(2010-12-02 18:09:40) I don't know what Hardy looked like, but there is a 'proper' way-ish to

AskMeFi: Ubuntu 10 on an IBM T60

(2010-12-02 17:25:22) Personally I would take it as a challenge to my geekhood to make it work.
(2010-12-02 10:03:02) You can also try booting in a more verbose way. Hold down the SHIFT key

AskMeFi: Are my old Usenet posts going to resurface someday

(2010-11-30 23:39:17) None of my 87-93 posts are anywhere to be found. The old stuff is pretty
(2010-11-30 22:26:53) Not very likely. Back pre-www-internet days backups (if any) of Usenet

MetaFilter: Japanimation in a very large nutshell

(2010-11-29 16:57:43) Sailor Moon is the girl with meatballs on her head.

MetaFilter: Two Fighters Against a Star Destroyer

(2010-11-26 20:44:22) Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions is way more enjoyable a browse.

MetaTalk: MeFi XMPPJabber chat not a pony

(2010-11-17 11:41:42) There is now a local web client!
(2010-11-14 23:39:17) Can iPhone have an iChat client? Same thing. But this sure looks really
(2010-11-14 21:10:11) Try a slight variation on their Facebook-XMPP Instructions
(2010-11-14 20:31:57) Yes, find the Change Password function of your client. Once you do I can't
(2010-11-14 19:46:27) Wow, my pidgin has worked just peachy with no mucking about. I would put
(2010-11-14 18:48:12) Yeah, seems the server being all UTC vs my inbox dates in +0 from server is

AskMeFi: How do I get SelfControl to only block Google Reader

(2010-11-15 13:53:46) SelfControl does this:
(2010-11-15 12:53:14) You probably will have to use a browser based solution. Once you get up in

AskMeFi: Securing a VPS

(2010-11-13 18:42:34) 1. yes. Unless you're using HTTPS to log in. You should definitely use

AskMeFi: 8699500 1

(2010-11-13 15:28:48) Sorry togdon, you are just wrong. The OP is on a VPS, he has root. No
(2010-11-12 23:27:46)
(2010-11-12 23:05:16) It's probably the case that your VPS disk is just a file on a real physical

MetaTalk: 56 Who Set What on Fire

(2010-11-12 18:44:38) What's with the "mumble, mumble, mumble." about Jabber chat? Is it

AskMeFi: How do launch windows work

(2010-11-09 10:30:52) This satellite is going into a solar-synchronous orbit (according to

AskMeFi: How do I kill terminal without also killing the script

(2010-11-08 12:21:01) For some reason I rarely have this problem, I think it depends on some

AskMeFi: How can I restrict bittorrent bandwidth on a home network

(2010-11-08 02:11:38) There is no best way, and what do you mean by home network, and why

AskMeFi: How can I keep myself warm when I am in bed

(2010-11-05 16:11:55) I also think you're using too much clothing and too many blankets. I'm in

MetaTalk: I never know what to put here

(2010-11-05 12:16:20) alt gothic circus country and blues ???

AskMeFi: IANA port registration

(2010-11-04 09:47:03) Oh, sure... old and busted. Except for the 205 new registrations this year
(2010-11-04 06:49:21) See: IANA assigned port-numbers . Registered and Well Known Ports SHOUD

AskMeFi: Directory Monitoring on a Server

(2010-11-01 19:23:20) If that Bluehost procmail guide is correct, you wouldn't even need
(2010-11-01 18:44:11) Procmail ! Old, clunky, steep learning curve, but if your mail is the old

AskMeFi: Restore to factory settings and programs and wiping clean personal info

(2010-11-01 05:19:16) You can't really delete all your personal data without doing a

AskMeFi: Vampire Riddle

(2010-10-29 23:09:31) They both need flossin'.

AskMeFi: Omit files from a source directory during deployment

(2010-10-29 18:06:06) You can make it a bit simpler by keeping a list of files to exclude in the

AskMeFi: Run PHP script automatically without user input at certain conditions

(2010-10-27 12:29:45) I would also use cron with either a DB based lock or just flock on the

AskMeFi: Music equivalent of coffee

(2010-10-26 16:25:52) Bolero - Ravel

AskMeFi: Quickest and easiest way to figure out IP names

(2010-10-25 13:10:24) Pretty much only if somebody comes back with a Windows batch file version
(2010-10-25 12:50:09) Depends on if you're the programmer/cli user type or not. Unixy systems


(2010-10-22 01:50:02) \I \W\I\S\H \I \H\A\D \A \C\A\P\S-\L\O\C\K \K\E\Y!!!!

AskMeFi: What would you do with six jalapeos

(2010-10-20 19:12:17) Is this odd in your area of the world or something? This sounds to me like

AskMeFi: Help me do my job with minimal effort

(2010-10-17 15:15:52) Heh, or you could just convert your data. :)
(2010-10-17 14:56:03) Well, it's likely then that either your short list doesn't have any words
(2010-10-17 12:53:20) Oh, you can just download the Perl version here on github. Mac OS X should
(2010-10-17 12:45:49)

AskMeFi: Youtube to Mp3

(2010-10-17 09:42:54) Last time I did this it was a sorta hacky manual process since the

AskMeFi: Screwy DHCP server problem

(2010-10-13 20:06:55) See: The HOWTO for DHCP Server setup. Not sure if it's still the case, but

AskMeFi: What techniques do you use to make glitch art

(2010-10-11 23:12:32) I would warn you to make sure the volume is turned down when playing with

AskMeFi: MP3 to YouTube Conversion

(2010-10-10 16:41:38) Possibly a bit of effort to set up the first time on a Mac, but worth it in

AskMeFi: What are some good anime seriesfilms

(2010-10-05 20:31:31) Mushishi - example ep - weird like X-Files creepy weird. Like proto-life

AskMeFi: Block device timestamps for backup support

(2010-10-04 21:32:19) So you're going to keep around all 1.5 TB of my disk when I'm only using

AskMeFi: I cant use any operating systems because of Grub Can any computer experts help me

(2010-10-01 09:54:53) Assuming ReactOS did the standard thing of installing on the first

AskMeFi: Im good

(2010-09-28 19:46:25) In the late 80s, early 90s in SoCal I picked it up as a waving off a joint

MetaFilter: Sin Vox

(2010-09-03 09:23:48) I'm all schadenfreude. I was slightly annoyed when Vox came about and

MetaFilter: Homebrew Cray1A

(2010-08-31 14:23:43) Sigh, I had a manual for one of these things. It got lost during the great

AskMeFi: Calm At Ease

(2010-08-30 17:32:35) "For I am Brahman within this body, life immortal that shall not perish: I

AskMeFi: Piggyback

(2010-08-27 19:24:16) Etymology Online is always a good place to check.

AskMeFi: Can my Gentoo box act as a secure proxy and how

(2010-08-25 16:29:35) There is a better option depending on your definition of better. A full

AskMeFi: Where can I find a playstation usb adapter in Los Angeles

(2010-08-25 01:37:44) I was going to say: Fry's has a 'HVG2 PS2 to USB Converter' (The easiest

AskMeFi: What to call a speakeasydoorslithatchpeepholething

(2010-08-23 21:20:36) vidette ?

AskMeFi: PhysicsFilter What would happen if the earth suddenly disappeared

(2010-08-23 16:01:23) If the earth truly vanished and left a true vacuum instead of the false

AskMeFi: Random text Mdxrtt Eano

(2010-08-19 18:15:14) Depends on what you mean by mix up... The Perl and the web link are very

AskMeFi: Help My internet connection sucks

(2010-08-19 01:43:39) Try running the UC Berkeley Netalyzer java/web app. It's designed to

AskMeFi: Broadband shmroadband how do I track how slow my laptop runs

(2010-08-16 11:26:10) Netalyzer from UC Berkely is another pretty awesome network diagnostics

AskMeFi: Bootable Ubuntu Flash drive

(2010-08-16 10:30:39) Disregard worrying about hammering your USB flash, it's a red herring (aka,
(2010-08-16 07:28:04) You're probably just missing the actual iso of your system. These creator

AskMeFi: Linux OCR

(2010-08-15 19:31:22) I also usually use Axion's method but add a "-type f" to make sure not to

AskMeFi: Block internet on ubuntu

(2010-08-10 12:18:38) doh! ate the email: 'zengargoyle AT'
(2010-08-10 12:16:31) telstar: Bug reports should go to , but anyway... that's probably a version
(2010-08-01 18:27:49) First beta version is up at this ugly page .
(2010-07-28 15:14:26) I guess I have some questions about the applications functions that I don't
(2010-07-27 20:58:16) a womble is an active kind of sloth: I'm assuming by "block all sites" you
(2010-07-27 09:23:06) Well a quick look at SelfControl and it's a program that either modifies

AskMeFi: US State data maps

(2010-08-09 21:14:47) Ogre Lawless: How are you doing it that it takes so long? My first

MetaTalk: Filtered Live Preview

(2010-08-05 15:57:01) I'm satisfied.
(2010-08-05 15:55:12)

MetaFilter: Et Tu Google

(2010-08-05 07:39:21) This is all Microsoft's fault. It's a sort of progress. You see, five or

AskMeFi: Can I use screensharing with an external VPN

(2010-08-04 23:23:52) If there's no option in your client to allow local network access, and the

AskMeFi: Stick figure family decals

(2010-07-31 00:25:13) Here in Los Angeles I've seen them so much and for so long that this

AskMeFi: Questionnaire analysis terminology

(2010-07-30 01:28:46) "In regards to these four questions we have respondents choose either 'Yes'

AskMeFi: Why doesnt this Just Work

(2010-07-29 01:18:58) Doh! Yeah, what everybody else said.
(2010-07-29 01:16:54) 169.254/16 is reserved for Link-Local Autoconfiguration (Zeroconf). This

MetaFilter: Facebook Jumps on the Metafilter Bandwagon with New QandA Offering

(2010-07-29 00:29:39) Screenshots: 1 2 3

MetaFilter: Avatar Two Eclectic Bendaloo

(2010-07-28 10:31:43) Yay! I may have to get cable again. Or crank up the torrent search. I've


(2010-07-27 11:24:36) Trivia: Wil Wheaton 'worked' for NewTek for a while. By worked I may mean
(2010-07-27 11:10:02) Ah, good old Amiga. It was my second computer after the Apple II, a first

AskMeFi: Whats in a Game

(2010-07-27 09:37:10) Obvious answer Game Theory .

MetaTalk: OMG N00BS

(2010-07-26 18:35:49) At this point, just give them a link to this post.

AskMeFi: Inherently intrinsic

(2010-07-26 15:55:37) A rock is intrinsicly hard.

AskMeFi: TV shows that I can learn something from

(2010-07-26 12:27:49) The Mechanical Universe on google videos. A Caltech & Annenberg CPB

AskMeFi: Help Me Automatically Shorten Status Updates for FacebookTwitter Updates

(2010-07-26 12:06:52) Text::Squeeze for Perl.

AskMeFi: Cut cut cut cut cut

(2010-07-24 16:55:00) I've only played a little with it, but the ffmpeg flag is '-t duration', so

MetaFilter: Makes Disturbances Melt Away

(2010-07-24 02:46:58) Sadly, it's nothing new. Maybe with the new wave of war wrecked minds

AskMeFi: How do I get VLC to spit out sections of a movie

(2010-07-23 16:08:52) This is where you need something like ffmpeg or mencoder (I think there are

AskMeFi: Good cheap camera setup for taking topdown product photos

(2010-07-17 17:46:26) You need: 2 cheap hat/coat racks. (vertical stick with heavy base), 1

AskMeFi: Period Space Space wants to be Period Space

(2010-07-17 17:05:51) be. a. prude. and. put. a. period. and. space. everywhere. until. it's.

AskMeFi: Why cant I stare at the sun

(2010-07-15 04:51:50) On the anecdata and ultraviolet front, when I was around 7 years old I

AskMeFi: Watch the British F1 GP online

(2010-07-11 18:41:10) iPlayer and a UK proxy.

AskMeFi: How do I sort out this folder full of images after a bungled Aperture export

(2010-07-11 14:37:05) The big question is if you various versions of a photo all share a common

AskMeFi: Help me finish Atlas Shrugged

(2010-07-09 14:56:55) Wait for the movie. The were filming last night in my building. (not

AskMeFi: I want more Kiki more Princess Sara

(2010-07-08 23:57:28) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ...
(2010-07-08 23:54:38) The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Nausicaa (make sure it's the full release

AskMeFi: Multilingual font translation issues

(2010-07-06 20:14:27)

MetaFilter: Planck unveils the Universe

(2010-07-05 19:36:56) It's not round because it's expanding, it's round because it's tiny. These

AskMeFi: Amateur home networking

(2010-07-05 14:37:14) You'll need a good network contractor. You may need plenum rated cable in

AskMeFi: Explaining the Horizon Problem in cosmology

(2010-07-04 19:49:55) The Horizon Problem may help a bit.

AskMeFi: Fireworks in Echo Park

(2010-07-04 13:00:45) Any problem with the Rose Bowl? It's been a few years since I've been in

AskMeFi: Ubuntu laptop for Grandma

(2010-07-01 22:11:09) You might also want to take a look at the Ubuntu Netbook version. Big

AskMeFi: I need some randomness

(2010-07-01 02:29:49) You just need the full path to firefox (since it doesn't live in the
(2010-06-29 22:55:16) This is me on Windows
(2010-06-28 22:15:52) I was afraid of that, I was going to complain that Python didn't have a
(2010-06-28 00:34:51) Oh, to get rid of the black console window that pops up...
(2010-06-28 00:16:53) Don't settle for a kludge. The next time you want to do something unique,
(2010-06-27 09:52:05) Perl FTW!

AskMeFi: character hijack on keyboard

(2010-06-29 09:12:04) Probably crtl-space and you're hitting the space key while reaching for the

AskMeFi: Mac OS X Recovering a corrupted zip file

(2010-06-25 10:39:35) See if you have the plain 'zip' program. It has a "-F fix zipfile (-FF

AskMeFi: Curse my sister for living 11 hours away

(2010-06-22 19:02:37) Check your spare tire. (I would have been stuck in the middle of the

AskMeFi: Is there a program preferably free that would allow me to shrink a ton of JPEG pictures at once

(2010-06-21 14:02:26) Or the "convert" program in ImageMagick.

MetaFilter: City of the Daleks

(2010-06-20 20:32:49) Well, it works under Wine. If needed you have to set up a proxy in the

AskMeFi: Shopping like mom used to

(2010-06-15 14:21:02) I'll add that SOS Cuisine also gives you the breakdown/prep schedule for
(2010-06-15 14:16:19) SOS Cuisine does weekly menu/shopping thing. It's been a while since I

AskMeFi: if the flag were orange and purple song writers would be outta luck

(2010-06-14 14:44:04) Therefore, it's "red, white and blue" just to be different from the French.

AskMeFi: Why does Doctor Who stutter on my screen

(2010-06-13 14:34:28) I've been watching via iPlayer and proxy. Dr. Who, Top Gear, F1. On a

AskMeFi: East Side Los Angeles Recommendations

(2010-06-05 18:04:58) Gold line hits Union Station, then there's a tram to Health Science (and
(2010-06-05 17:46:01) Don't forget the Los Angeles Metro Rail, the Gold line goes from Pasadena

AskMeFi: Windows 7 freezing Firefox Flash Nvidia

(2010-06-04 09:01:29) See Testing for Hardware Problems Using Hardware Diagnostic Tools in

AskMeFi: Yea ye have internets but cannot surf emails but ye cannot check

(2010-06-04 08:05:13) Maybe this , which sounds like it could be fixed by the "Renew Lease" part

AskMeFi: Japanese Filter Need Japanese Shunryu Suzuki quote

(2010-06-01 04:19:00) Yep. It's in Google books .
(2010-06-01 04:15:07) If I'm not mistaken, it's from Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind and there is no

AskMeFi: Encrypting Text Files in UbuntuWin7

(2010-06-01 02:39:29) We use the almost ever present openssl.

AskMeFi: How to hideblock all text in firefox

(2010-05-30 14:09:49) Maybe close enough, the Linky extension for firefox used to have 'Open all

AskMeFi: Most of my allergies are of the sneezing variety

(2010-05-30 01:51:56) Not a medical professional. Did recently have a drug allergy (Sulfa) with

AskMeFi: Prednisone Problems

(2010-05-27 23:58:48) IANAD/IANYD. My prednisone... 4 weeks of 40mg/day, 1 week at 20mg/day, 1

AskMeFi: Looking for a few words about letters

(2010-05-27 23:22:51) The History and Technique of Lettering (Nesbitt) ... I liked it enough to

AskMeFi: Its a good thing this never came up on a test

(2010-05-25 18:26:21) Nemo33 is the deepest diving pool in the world evidently. 100-ish feet

AskMeFi: Dear Facebook Popup Never darken my doorstep again

(2010-05-18 21:36:41) Try this tip for Adblock Plus. Maybe the trick is in the 4

AskMeFi: Whos got the focus

(2010-05-13 13:49:43) _COMPIZ_WM_WINDOW_BLUR_DECOR(INTEGER) = 4, 0, 5, 2, -2,...
(2010-05-13 03:13:30) Don't like xwit, -property seems to only work on certain properties and not
(2010-05-13 01:12:00) $ topprog=$(xprop -id $(xprop -root | awk

AskMeFi: How can I share a printer from two different Airport Extreme networks

(2010-05-05 16:27:15) Any reason you can't just connect the two Airports together? They look to

AskMeFi: Shes Japanese you see and has magic powers over shadow and darkness

(2010-05-04 12:56:16) How out there do you want it?

AskMeFi: Looking for a simple freeware image organizer for Mac

(2010-04-30 04:12:31) Oh, make a backup copy of your directory first just in case...
(2010-04-30 04:11:21) Do Macs have ImageMagick installed by default? Do Macs use bash as the

AskMeFi: How can I decode HTTP traffic from an IP webcam into full URLs

(2010-04-21 13:56:44) Next step:
(2010-04-21 06:35:21) You could be lucky... using-linksys-wvc54gc-webcam-with-linux .

AskMeFi: What English words are there for the supernatural ability to travel instantly between locations besides teleportation

(2010-03-24 21:31:08) instantaneous divine displacement.

AskMeFi: Very frustrating oddball SSHnetwork problem

(2010-02-17 12:30:46) Are you browsing to www.S0 and sshing to S0? Maybe you have an old entry

AskMeFi: I cant always read Metafilter

(2010-02-09 18:44:03) Fantasy but punny and 27 books in the series so far, the Xanth series by

AskMeFi: I Ching Sans Fortune Telling

(2010-01-26 18:09:48) Geometry of the I Ching

AskMeFi: What would happen if I did heroin just once

(2009-11-07 22:41:55) I agree with the snort/smoke route. I've done tons of drugs here and there

AskMeFi: What cool conferences have you been to

(2009-09-06 22:38:36) I go to CENIC yearly conference most years, I've seen SuperHi-Def (2xHD)

AskMeFi: Fundraising Ideas Please

(2009-08-29 20:42:24) My old high school swim team does a Pizza Hut buffet thing every couple of

AskMeFi: CIDR IP Range Calculator

(2009-08-26 15:25:51) $ ipcalc -

AskMeFi: Going to California

(2009-08-19 08:15:20) Tommy's Hamburgers, your gut will hate you, your mouth will love you. LA

MetaFilter: Hacking the Gibson

(2009-08-11 08:09:55) Neuromancer is one of the things I love my sister for (the other is 'Home

AskMeFi: Dark danceable music

(2009-08-05 01:21:22) Google for "Dark 80's". I've a folder on the MP3 player for just such

AskMeFi: I am ashamed of my feet

(2009-08-04 05:37:24) Tea Tree Oil .

AskMeFi: Waterpark my yard

(2009-07-30 18:22:46) smitt aside, depends on your expectations. My ~10 kids from 2-13yr old

AskMeFi: emergency road trip on basically zero dollars

(2009-07-29 04:25:07) Seconding most of the best so far.... I've been homeless and without food

AskMeFi: Apples self assigned IP address sucks

(2009-07-27 14:09:34) Look for Wireshark, tcpdump, libpcap. I think there are OSX versions. You
(2009-07-26 14:45:13) You can not be expected to to a 'login' page if you don't have an IP.

AskMeFi: Help me find this delicious dressing

(2009-07-24 18:02:33) From a quick Rikaichan (firefox plugin japanese translator) and taking a

MetaFilter: Battletech and Red Planet classic immersive gaming

(2009-07-23 13:43:54) Haha, wow. Late 80's on the Amiga there was this shareware RPG with

AskMeFi: Offer music at a wake

(2009-07-22 23:14:17) My grandfathers funeral, I met scores of people I hadn't seen in twenty+

AskMeFi: If you were travelling the world what geek tools software and Hardware would you take to help on your trip

(2009-07-22 18:21:52) Netbook (check).

AskMeFi: What are the great life changing books no one has ever heard of

(2009-07-20 08:33:13) Infinity and the Mind

MetaFilter: Nirvana vs Rick Astley Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

(2009-07-20 00:09:26) Oh F*word... Nirvana vs Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up

MetaTalk: What online fora molded you

(2009-07-18 14:06:15) In the 80's (like '84 or '86) I spent hours programming in BASIC something

AskMeFi: Help me find Things to furnish an apartment

(2009-07-15 14:41:42) apartment therapy .

AskMeFi: Remember that toy that I cant describe very well

(2009-06-27 15:07:51) Again at random, Ask-MeFi has answered a question I've had for ages....

AskMeFi: Mmm bagels

(2009-06-21 14:35:06) Back in the 90s, I was a baker at the 'factory' for Wolfe's Bagels in New

AskMeFi: Help me get photos off my SD card from a cafe in Cambodia

(2009-06-19 17:04:35) The "write-protect" on the SD card is bogus software and does nothing. The

AskMeFi: Whats wrong with my netbooks wireless

(2009-06-18 01:37:40) My new 900A (what's the difference?) works fine. but for encrypted

AskMeFi: What would make a Teslathemed birthday card awesome

(2009-06-05 14:04:24) this! , get one of those recording sound cards and collect a few links

MetaTalk: AskMeFiJamming how often

(2009-05-29 13:20:11) Green Chilli Bagel with real Hatch, NM green chili, and Sun Dried Tomato

MetaTalk: Monkeys and Typewriters

(2009-05-27 11:11:35) Marisa Stole the Precious Thing ... OK, so we know how much the site

AskMeFi: Help me wake up

(2009-05-27 09:41:54) Seconding "Drink a glass or two of water before you go to sleep.", nothing

AskMeFi: WTB MrRoboto will robot boogie for pay

(2009-05-25 03:28:51) Send me MeMail. I don't know much about DSi stuff yet, but I do hang out

AskMeFi: Japanese conversation practice with a native speaker in the Portland OR area or maybe Skype

(2009-05-19 20:36:03) I will fall back on my old recommendation... TheJapanesePage.Com . We have

AskMeFi: 3D GeometryFilter Is there a mathematical equation that defines relative lengths of objects at different depths of field for humans

(2009-05-17 04:37:05) You want angular mil .

AskMeFi: From dusk till dawn

(2009-05-17 03:10:49) Check out The 28 hour work day . And learn to sleep during the day. I'm a

AskMeFi: Experiencing an emotional crisis Should I contact this girl

(2009-05-09 04:38:07) Go ahead and contact her. Be prepared for the "And who are you again?". I

AskMeFi: Punishment

(2009-05-06 04:18:53) Marvin Minsky's take on humor is a good read.

AskMeFi: How to make sure I have coffee on hand for guests

(2009-05-03 18:09:54) My parents bought a cheapo drip machine just for this. They usually just

MetaFilter: Mass Karaoke

(2009-05-03 16:43:24) Tokyo Dance was better.

AskMeFi: What to ask a holocaust survivor

(2009-04-30 11:35:59) Take a cue from USC Shoah Foundation . They have terrabytes of videos of

MetaTalk: I have no mouth and I must tell Metafilter about my cousins awesome website

(2009-04-26 11:50:04) I think I just had this conversation with a mod. I'm network dude (Special

MetaFilter: America SemiGodly Individualist Consumers

(2009-04-26 10:04:56) LOL prom. I went with the girl who took the bet and punched me in the gut

AskMeFi: Python and Math

(2009-04-14 22:10:33) I don't know Python, but recommend Perl and PDL and Inline modules. The

AskMeFi: What feeder is best to attract cardinals

(2009-04-12 06:20:10) Heh, would have never guessed. We feed walnuts to both squirrels and

MetaFilter: Dont Hate the Player

(2009-04-11 04:06:41) I admit to savescumming on nethack, but I'm a real newbie. I wish I had

MetaFilter: Vandalism or Sabotage

(2009-04-10 02:53:02) Eh, there was a decent sized cut in LosAngeles over DWP fiber the night

AskMeFi: Trying to avoid reverse Engrish

(2009-04-02 06:43:46) 胸裏 (きょうり) (n) one's heart; one's mind (feelings, bosom);
(2009-04-02 06:40:46) 真

MetaTalk: The day has come

(2009-04-01 17:52:37) AEIOU and sometimes Y
(2009-04-01 17:51:39) AEIOU and sometimes Y

AskMeFi: Ache in my hand from using the computer Solutions

(2009-03-31 00:10:53) Also agree with lottie. I've been using a laptop for 6 years or so, like

AskMeFi: Help me find a fun new hobby

(2009-03-31 00:00:34) Would think again about glass blowing... did that as a kid, blowtorch, some

AskMeFi: Can you help me figure out the popculture origins of the term creepcreeper referring to an unsavory character

(2009-03-30 23:44:01) "Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers? Jeepers Creepers, where'd

MetaTalk: 39 Tenth Anniversary Plans

(2009-03-29 19:11:58) damn, missed the special library collections things... Visual History

AskMeFi: This question can kiss my grits

(2009-03-29 01:37:10) It was always "colder than a witch's *left* tit", or "colder than a brass

AskMeFi: How to slow down or stop callous growth on feet

(2009-03-28 23:45:59) I'd go barefoot. You think we evolved to wear shoes and socks. Guess the

MetaFilter: Can you really knock off someones socks

(2009-03-26 20:01:34) Heh, boom is fun. I just recently confessed to my step-father that I was

AskMeFi: Dont know much about credit history

(2009-03-21 15:10:38) gah! I have the same sort of problem. I swore off of credit many years

AskMeFi: Work difficulties as a vegetarian

(2009-03-21 01:12:06) Long ago, I read Tricycle(?) a Buddhist magazine (US) a few times... a few

AskMeFi: Strange X restarts

(2009-03-20 03:05:06) Guess... your XSession is using the first terminal as the final executable

AskMeFi: Argh my eyes or why dont we look at an eclipse

(2009-03-20 02:41:08) I would put this with this story... Father says "Don't watch me arc-weld,

AskMeFi: How does one get accustomed to spicy food

(2009-03-13 20:38:19) A) Wasabi (aka horseradish in the US). Will make her head explode but only

AskMeFi: How can my 13yearold stepson get to sleep

(2009-03-11 15:49:34) I would totally N-th Valerian with the same "it doesn't work for everybody"

MetaFilter: Walker Texas Rearranger

(2009-03-10 17:10:54) I kid not bow fishing . Think a gun and a barrel is hard, try bow and

MetaFilter: Thats a lot of gold

(2009-03-10 11:14:42) KUSC split off a long time ago... current USC station is KSCR , currently
(2009-03-10 07:09:08) And there's KUSC if you're into classical. (Full Disclosure, my

MetaTalk: Why so many Penis Questions

(2009-03-06 13:26:42) It's serendipity. I swear, every time I have a question and think about

AskMeFi: FLV ampSWF ampyoutbue ampconfusion

(2009-03-06 10:50:03) ffmpeg -i video.flv video.swf

AskMeFi: Surprise Its a

(2009-03-05 23:35:01) I would kill for good country ham and pickled beets.

AskMeFi: How to to offer as a reward for returing a wallet

(2009-03-05 21:13:04) With the help of AskMeFi I managed to hopefully return a lost iPhone, I

AskMeFi: ChatFilter

(2009-03-05 20:27:39) You want XMPP/Jabber based chat. Preferably ejabberd . I've kept 2

AskMeFi: Connecting computers for backup purposes

(2009-03-05 05:08:27) Newer gig capable machines automagically detect cross-over cable situation.

AskMeFi: Free deduper for mac

(2009-03-04 11:30:30) fdupes . Not graphical, but does the checksum and listing of identical

AskMeFi: Kludges for the common man

(2009-03-04 10:53:54) When the starter went out on my 1969 Fiat 850 red Italian convertible

MetaFilter: No crime is so great as daring to excel Winston Churchill

(2009-03-04 05:20:19) Damn straight, you should be using Perl. CPAN Bio Modules.

AskMeFi: What is my password again

(2009-03-03 09:39:48) I use keepassx and a backup encrypted file. I unencrypt the file, run MD5

AskMeFi: Have rope will travel

(2009-03-03 06:36:12) Geek-wise, you might get in to escape art (magic like). Handcuff one hand

MetaFilter: Cast in Stone

(2009-03-03 06:15:33) hrmmmmm.

MetaFilter: Japanese voice actresses cover legendary punk songs

(2009-03-01 06:06:16) Ex-Girl .

MetaFilter: DDoS on SoCal Time Warner

(2009-02-28 20:57:58) All I can say is "yes", Comcast had problems and they seem to be in cahoots

MetaTalk: Do women even read MetaFilter

(2009-02-28 13:50:34) Annoyed the thread was deleted, I was coming back to tell the long story of

AskMeFi: Do women like each other

(2009-02-28 11:53:20) It was many female friends who happened to be Female-Female relationship.
(2009-02-28 11:42:45) You do realize that this isn't every woman and that some men also act this
(2009-02-28 11:17:04) I will go against the grain and say... I never knew evil until i started

AskMeFi: Need play area for child but too windy What items can we put in back yard

(2009-02-27 20:55:59) My sandbox had a slightly tented roof made of that wavy aluminum. Held up

AskMeFi: More interesting ways to get her off NSFW

(2009-02-26 20:45:35) Do the alphabet with your tongue. "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G"...

AskMeFi: Whats the Difference between a file system and a partition in Ubuntu

(2009-02-25 04:11:53) Typically, your boot loader is in the first 512 bytes of your hard disk,

MetaFilter: Wakawakawaka

(2009-02-20 07:32:03) Strangely, I'm actually wearing a Pac-Man shirt at this very moment.

MetaFilter: Hype Fructose Corn Syrup

(2009-02-18 18:20:58) I don't know what it is, but I was off sodas for years (preferring iced tea

AskMeFi: Forewarning on Funeral Leave

(2009-02-16 02:07:54) Yeah, tell them. I have a nice employer and twice I've sent out an email

AskMeFi: what kind of mat would be good to sleep on every night instead of a bed

(2009-02-16 01:50:23) In college... it was just a small mattress against the wall, with an extra

AskMeFi: Which one is the hip pocket

(2009-02-15 21:56:38) I asked an international chat group who all confirmed 'front' or 'side' was
(2009-02-15 17:27:21) Hip Flask ... They are usually contoured to match the curve of the wearer's
(2009-02-15 16:35:59) I'm thinking back to when I was a child - Way back to when I was a tot.

AskMeFi: Photographing the Sandbox

(2009-02-15 18:16:43) The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS is also what I have and it does have an

AskMeFi: How to shower when theres no shower around

(2009-02-12 04:34:51) Sponge bath. A bottle of water (from the sink is fine), a sponge, lock

AskMeFi: Toppings for a cheeseless pizza

(2009-02-08 07:22:19) My second fav is artichoke hearts, basil, and sundried tomatoes. Was going

AskMeFi: Valentines for a notquite couple

(2009-02-08 07:06:10) Hand pick local flowers if you can, small ones that could be tied in a

AskMeFi: Cardboard in Pasadena

(2009-02-08 06:20:55) You might check the art store in Old Town.

AskMeFi: Help this struggling atheist get over her desire to believe

(2009-02-07 12:52:00) Because you asked for anecdotes... I was raised Fundamental Southern

AskMeFi: When Google just isnt enough

(2009-02-07 11:48:00) You can find old 'htdig' that did remarkable things to text searches (web

AskMeFi: Help us see the world in 3D

(2009-02-07 10:40:45) You might be able to go outside and cover one eye or the other and see if

AskMeFi: What to do when estranged from parents

(2009-02-07 10:31:49) I too left home at 17 in a "Getting out of Dodge" mindset, Bizarre Love

AskMeFi: Solutions for oily hair and skin

(2009-02-05 18:31:50) Don't bathe as much. And when you do, go without random soaps (do wash up

MetaTalk: PingPong

(2009-02-05 17:05:24) Yay!

MetaFilter: Hey Cat

(2009-02-05 14:43:24) My Cat .

AskMeFi: To boot or not to boot

(2009-02-05 08:21:42) Keep Windows. When you have a hardware problem and call your warranty

AskMeFi: are CMSs more fun

(2009-02-04 15:36:07) Drupal...

AskMeFi: Easy FTP copy link

(2009-02-04 14:47:29) 'ncftp' Luke, use the command line .

MetaTalk: Help me give more helpful answers on AskMefi

(2009-02-04 14:26:39) Is google "dog in spanish" a snark?
(2009-02-03 20:46:54) I have Ctrl-W programmed in my brain... many a posts end up Ctrl-W.

MetaTalk: Its that new server smell everyone loves so much

(2009-02-03 20:49:30) Add/Remove favorite seems to work. :)
(2009-02-03 20:31:00) check, allow and favorites work as before
(2009-02-03 15:03:55) ;; ANSWER SECTION:
(2009-02-03 15:02:02) still get:
(2009-02-03 12:26:28) Yeah, still doing /etc/hosts workaround, but yep. No problems noticed yet.

AskMeFi: sorting algorithms for people

(2009-02-03 14:09:51) doh Process Management Hand Sorting .
(2009-02-03 14:07:21) And, you want to look at Process Management as your starting searches.
(2009-02-03 14:05:06) fish tick and metastability have it. you toss into piles (optionally using

AskMeFi: Hell be blind for 4 days Help me entertain my friend

(2009-02-03 11:53:42) I ignored my father and watched him arc weld back in 2nd grade or so...

AskMeFi: Rice To Meet You

(2009-02-03 10:50:13) Yeah, no 2 cups water 1 cup rice when you get down to single serving sizes.

MetaTalk: Movin on up

(2009-02-02 15:47:54) Can we has IP?

MetaFilter: Fk Eric Clapton

(2009-02-02 14:58:43) The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in 8 Easy Steps . Don't

AskMeFi: How can an injured homeless person expect to be treated at a hospital

(2009-02-01 11:38:01) Bum friend couldn't get finger infection treated, chopped his finger off

AskMeFi: When the Mouse IS the Sticky Trap

(2009-02-01 07:34:52) Clorox wipes or alchohol. Isn't going to hurt anything as long as you let

MetaFilter: Are You Hungry

(2009-02-01 06:01:17) Ridgewood . Went to a place here in L.A. that was supposed to have good

MetaFilter: When I was seventeen it was a very good year

(2009-02-01 04:40:01) Can't forget Ministry ... :)
(2009-01-31 21:52:15) Does metafilter read my mind? I was introducing an old friends son to

MetaTalk: This site may harm your computer

(2009-01-31 22:42:03) maybe Arbor systems, didn't affect China. Go figure.
(2009-01-31 22:38:55) um that should be :59.
(2009-01-31 22:37:41) Happened around 06:69 am pacific time. fixed, no details.

MetaFilter: Dont have a thetan dude

(2009-01-31 22:26:46) I roll around on the ground and beg Xenu to take the deamons out of my

MetaFilter: A fistful of Rikers

(2009-01-31 22:03:56) Funnier without the beard.

MetaTalk: Bolding an entire askme question is annoying

(2009-01-30 09:03:40) My cat? cool cat, good cat .

MetaTalk: How to Read is Something for Everyone

(2009-01-30 07:46:35) I knew the "Emperor of France." in Kansas, just out of mental institution.

AskMeFi: Why does my cat lick tile

(2009-01-29 02:10:12) Yeah, cats... had one that would sit outside the shower and beg to be let

MetaTalk: How ya gonna pay for that there server

(2009-01-28 17:17:31) I could sneak you onto a top 30 supercomputing cluster with 10GB internet

MetaTalk: Whoa

(2009-01-28 17:01:25) Count me in with the backed away slowly group. I've watched family die,

MetaTalk: 37 SongSmith comes before the hack

(2009-01-28 16:25:44) If "It's" not what I think it is.... ahhhhhhhh

MetaFilter: Billy Powell has died

(2009-01-28 15:15:54) Free Bird was my high school graduating class song back in '87.

AskMeFi: Drug lingo filter

(2009-01-27 13:07:58) Yeah, boil makes me think of cleaning bongs or cooking up heroin. I've

MetaTalk: A happy ending

(2009-01-27 01:02:03) schyler523, I went for bum standard for filming purposes. Double, no
(2009-01-26 13:59:00) I went to In-N-Out to get footage of burger wrapping (lost post). Got a

AskMeFi: Yes these photos are crap but they are my crap

(2009-01-25 02:41:53) I upload to laptop in one big directory and use kphotoalbum to tag and

AskMeFi: Critical thinking about food

(2009-01-23 21:51:28) Gramps had a large garden in his back yard, and a field of corn down the

AskMeFi: How to wrap like InNOut

(2009-01-23 12:21:45) Because you made me hungry... I give pictures and videos of my morning trip

AskMeFi: How vulnerable is the Internet to a cyber attack

(2009-01-23 08:06:27) In 1988 a worm did destroy the Internet for a couple of days. I was there.
(2009-01-23 06:54:54) My Favorite Net Things , The Day The Routers Died , I wouldn't worry too

AskMeFi: A boat for the ocean of truth

(2009-01-22 07:34:56) Our remote access to library collections requires a login with our

MetaFilter: When Ad Placement Goes Wrong

(2009-01-19 07:08:02) Yes B5, but I like Sci-Fi of almost any sort. The main reason was that you
(2009-01-19 01:09:05) Farscape is another one of the things that I skipped over when changing

AskMeFi: Unusual Israeli tank proctection

(2009-01-18 13:50:42) It's probably Chocolate Pickle and others like. Shaped charges are

AskMeFi: Make my legs stop itching Oh God please

(2009-01-18 13:40:14) Now that it's mentioned, I'd second allergy related things. Mine come on

MetaFilter: Thank you Good night

(2009-01-18 12:37:02) Came for "Oh my god! There's an axe in my head", was not disappointed.

MetaTalk: How is that supposed to help

(2009-01-18 07:22:56) Any help is better than none. No matter what. Most likely.
(2009-01-18 07:04:02) "hey, the stump of my wrist is really bleeding, but going to the ER is
(2009-01-18 06:41:33) "I really think the use of anonymous AskMe questions to seek what can only
(2009-01-18 05:12:59) I'd just say that stranger things have happened. One summer, 4th of July,

AskMeFi: The m key is minimizing no matter what

(2009-01-17 22:29:56) Yeah, find a can of compressed air and give it a shot. I get fingernails

AskMeFi: Making Out Leveling Up

(2009-01-17 19:13:16) Say "put your hand on mine and teach me what you want." then remember it.

AskMeFi: 2 Domain 2 Server Redundancy with JabberXMPP

(2009-01-17 18:37:32) ejabberd . official site . Industrial strength, will run for *years* if

MetaTalk: Ayes without a face

(2009-01-17 11:27:18) Another Ctrl-A backspace.
(2009-01-17 10:08:56) Then you can flip them over and slide the bindings up to the knees and
(2009-01-17 09:58:15) Not flexible enough, only have 2 holes. Good flat straps let them squirm.
(2009-01-17 09:43:31) I prefer martial arts belts... nice wide canvas that doesn't constrict and
(2009-01-17 09:42:29) I see it as a plus. I could tell you what virus you have on your computer
(2009-01-17 09:29:28) The site that can not be named and trip-codes. And yes I tried the "say
(2009-01-17 09:14:54) Do you want your mom or your young friends/relatives to know about your
(2009-01-17 03:55:32) Nah, you keep a database of /24 netblocks, for new ones you generate a
(2009-01-17 02:49:53) Yeah, I Ctrl-W many things for family and friends and youngsters.

AskMeFi: I dont wanna Jack Off In Back Its baroque but dont fix it

(2009-01-16 19:52:47) Youtube search 'Virgil Fox' for classical organ musics.

AskMeFi: Keeping kittens out of the kcold

(2009-01-16 19:49:18) N-th hot water bottle, I still do that myself, fill with hot tap water, let

MetaFilter: Hot Glazed Roe Nuts

(2009-01-16 19:24:38) Let them go stale for a day, put some butter on, place in toaster oven. OM

AskMeFi: Need help getting seperate dual monitors to work with Xlinux

(2009-01-15 14:35:24) For input, look up x2x. I have dual headed Linux, an old Solaris 8 box,

MetaFilter: Mr Rourke RIP

(2009-01-14 17:29:03) "I'll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares maelstrom

AskMeFi: Can anyone find this poster

(2009-01-14 16:24:29) How about this ?

AskMeFi: Digital Camera advice

(2009-01-13 23:47:41) Oh, and the Canon made Consumer Reports 'Best' ranking.
(2009-01-13 23:43:30) Another SD1100IS/Ixus 80 user. I picked it from going through previous

AskMeFi: Towels should last x months

(2009-01-13 18:27:12) jkaczor got me with the knives. It took seeing them in a kitchen store in

AskMeFi: How can I employ someone to create a tribute site for a vanished community when Im not really sure what I want

(2009-01-13 18:06:25) I put this here for those that may be interested... USC Shoah Foundation

MetaFilter: High TeaHigh Noon

(2009-01-13 02:50:55) My gun is cooler than yours.

MetaFilter: Twentynine Tao te Chings

(2009-01-12 06:06:08) You need an empty to take in something. Something can't share space. It's
(2009-01-12 05:59:11) Thirty spokes converge on a single hub,
(2009-01-12 05:25:35) Heaven and earth are inhumane;
(2009-01-12 05:02:04) Yeah, I've read a few but his sorta hit the soft spot for me...
(2009-01-12 05:00:15) 45(1)
(2009-01-12 04:52:23) How's Victor H. Mair. Based on the recently discovered Ma-Wang-Tui

AskMeFi: Laptop with serial connection Suggestions

(2009-01-08 18:47:41) Yeah, we get Dell just for the real DB9 serial port. I feel like Case in

MetaFilter: Be Seeing Him

(2009-01-08 04:27:18) I am not a number, I am a free man!

MetaFilter: She is more than just a cute high school girl She is a master of Karate

(2009-01-08 04:17:51) Pinkku!

MetaFilter: Not your mothers pantyhose

(2009-01-07 21:31:24) You should give it a try, you don't know what you're missing.

AskMeFi: Why do mine keep breaking

(2009-01-07 17:08:27) FWIW I have over 1000 Wireless Access Points, OMG industrial strength APs,

AskMeFi: How should I use my free time constructively

(2009-01-06 11:30:43) My first thought last night was... stick with juggling... I learned 4

AskMeFi: Normal cigarettes

(2009-01-05 21:00:14) If you were in L.A. I'd send you to Sixth and Alvarado for the "sneaked

MetaFilter: My voice gives me superstrength

(2009-01-05 01:32:26) Oh hell no. AMV Hell , or AMV Hell . (some NSFW).

MetaFilter: What Lies Past Eternity for the Universe

(2009-01-04 01:24:27) Omega Point Theory is much more fun, heaven has already been won.
(2009-01-04 01:05:16) Everything has happened. We just don't perceive it. You pick your reality
(2009-01-03 23:58:11) I'm probably with ROU_Xenophile.

MetaFilter: JournalSpace RIP

(2009-01-03 19:18:23) Try telling your parents that when they send out a 'daily devotion' they


(2009-01-02 07:16:30) I'm wondering why we stay in the top 100 super-computers list and have
(2009-01-02 04:22:02) Guess I should... Wikipedia it ...
(2009-01-02 03:48:06) It's not sealed.
(2009-01-02 03:12:54) No, you just built crappy computers.
(2009-01-02 02:51:04) No, you need to kick it on that black 'X' we taped on the side. The Magic

MetaFilter: AstroPic of the Day

(2009-01-02 01:09:42) Surprisingly Here Comes your man sorta works.
(2009-01-02 00:41:06) It's Mozart: Clarinet Concerto: II. Adagio .
(2009-01-01 20:50:23) Seriously, start them up at the same time... Vivaldi - Spring .
(2009-01-01 20:38:29) The music needed to be Vivaldi.

AskMeFi: 01 gram scale

(2008-12-31 20:52:28) Cooking for engineers .... If you haven't guessed, my recommendation for a

AskMeFi: foodies of the world unite

(2008-12-31 20:47:51) A packet of peanuts in a soda.
(2008-12-31 20:45:04) Sausage and grape jelly.

AskMeFi: Are gas stoves supposed to produce a sticky residue

(2008-12-31 17:54:44) @waldo, so does my bathroom... only room in the house that does it.... crap
(2008-12-31 16:17:17) It's bad wood. It also happens in bathrooms. Bad primer, using the wrong

MetaFilter: Its Braque To Me

(2008-12-31 15:41:40) Mine is "Toysmith 1997", but origami intrigues me.
(2008-12-31 15:12:32) I have one of the simple cube ones, picked up at a trade show. It has NASA

AskMeFi: How do I ease cat litter cleanup

(2008-12-31 13:07:51) You might want to check out Modern Cat archives... they went over the whole

AskMeFi: Where did the bacon meme start

(2008-12-30 19:13:01) 90% of shit starts on the place that can't be named.

AskMeFi: To move or not to move that is the question for my old cat

(2008-12-30 16:40:18) I say take kitty... a kitty OK dorm is awesome. I'm a bad person, I just

AskMeFi: How to overcome a crush

(2008-12-30 10:56:13) Stealing a lover gets you a lover that can be stolen.

AskMeFi: RPG Recommendations

(2008-12-28 17:08:07) nethack .

MetaFilter: Polly Toynbee

(2008-12-28 10:11:10) I hope some unknown god of some tribe buried deep in the wilderness comes

AskMeFi: Why do I have to create an account

(2008-12-27 22:09:40) Nah, supermarkets want market data, and an out for product recall. We did
(2008-12-27 21:37:42) I agree. I despise having to create an account everywhere I go...

AskMeFi: Whats perfect for the ultimate chill room

(2008-12-26 13:19:49) My google-fu fails me, but like the Luminglass, various other plasma balls

MetaTalk: Pressies

(2008-12-26 12:21:41) I broke down and stopped saying 'nothing'... Asked on a whim for deer

MetaFilter: Viva La Pop

(2008-12-26 11:09:55) Ditto on 'huh' popular music? But Bootie Blog .

MetaFilter: Henchmen Cancun 08 sadly shall never be

(2008-12-24 11:04:22) heh, Genre: Southern Rock

MetaFilter: I think Isaac Newton is doing most of the driving now

(2008-12-24 03:26:51) Here I sit with NASA SP-246 Lunar Photographs From Apollos 8, 10, and 11...

MetaTalk: Is something up with the AskMe database

(2008-12-24 01:50:52) There is something a bit wonky with the Post button recently.

AskMeFi: Fast Paced Jazz or Jazztronica for my Driving Playlist

(2008-12-23 19:47:35) Yoko Kanno somehow a 26 episode anime series produced dozens of CD's...

MetaFilter: Hard Work and Practice

(2008-12-23 19:37:15) my $5 was to fix some awful PHP code.

AskMeFi: I have a bottleneck in my home network and I cant find it Any ideas

(2008-12-23 10:47:42) You're not going to get it. MS TCP stack is fucked up. The thing is that

MetaTalk: Saying goodbye to the old year LA style

(2008-12-23 04:29:36) I'd say take over Machine Project if they're still around and BYOB.

MetaFilter: The Coraline Boxes

(2008-12-22 19:08:23) Came for Neuromancer... fail.

AskMeFi: What can I do with all these SuperBalls

(2008-12-20 03:37:13) Roof test.

MetaTalk: A question on the homeless worth reading

(2008-12-10 00:12:20) This is where I rant, but don't.

AskMeFi: My DSL woes in verse Hopefully I wont have to progress to haiku

(2008-12-08 08:48:35) Tell them you want an "ATM OAM F5 End-to-End Loopback" test and use the

AskMeFi: Super cheap meal planning for a single cook

(2008-12-05 19:29:30) You're in for 3 weeks... I can't do the healthy thing.... rice is your

AskMeFi: Help me clean up a musical mess

(2008-11-21 07:09:15) Head for EasyTAG .

AskMeFi: BASH Handling odd characters in a variable

(2008-11-18 15:54:44) $ ls

AskMeFi: Fun magnets to dress up a boring car

(2008-11-15 21:03:58) This is the type of stuff piedmont is talking about I think. I've been

AskMeFi: My First Perl Script TM

(2008-11-11 13:02:30) You might want to make that:

AskMeFi: Request for Suspenseful Anime

(2008-10-27 17:26:09) Second Noein and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya which were on my

AskMeFi: Virtual scissors and tape Page assembly

(2008-10-27 00:26:43) Maybe PSUtils . It's command line driven with a steep learning curve. I

AskMeFi: Virginia and Tennessee travle

(2008-10-25 15:39:09) Assuming you're taking the 81, get off in Abingdon and take the 11 through

AskMeFi: Where do I find a new MP3 player with all the features of my old iriver H320

(2008-10-25 15:23:04) Cowan iAudio replaced my lost iRiver. Generic USB mass storage device, FM

AskMeFi: bar code or just go to a bar

(2008-10-23 13:27:30) Did somebody say golf!

AskMeFi: Seeking original unique oddball novels and stories

(2008-10-21 18:21:18) A Humument

AskMeFi: Charge my Ipod in the Wall

(2008-10-14 08:21:08) Some things have OS specific drivers to change the output amperage of the

AskMeFi: Songs That Defined the 80s and 90s

(2008-10-05 01:43:20) T'Pau - Heart and Soul.

AskMeFi: Please help answer my computer question

(2008-09-28 20:34:23) I'm still a big uni network admin/bad guy. Configure your bittorrent

AskMeFi: any broth in brothel

(2008-09-26 14:48:20) I can tell a difference in the way I say it and can tell by my tongue. For

AskMeFi: I need a utility to tag mp3 from file path filename

(2008-09-22 20:34:39) Don't know if there's a windows version. With Linux I use "EasyTag" and

AskMeFi: What do you think about Kansans

(2008-09-19 10:18:04) Kansas... grew up in the south US, lived in Arizona and California and New

AskMeFi: If I can shrink a 2 gig video down to 17 megs and still have it looking good theres gotta be something for images

(2008-09-17 17:43:26) Photoshop wussies...

MetaFilter: I am at a loss to explain what I and many other people saw

(2008-09-15 13:46:44) I spent days out in the AZ desert trying to get abducted. Didn't work. :(

AskMeFi: Guess what What THATS what

(2008-09-09 18:14:26) This seems to be one of those bits of arcana that are known only to

AskMeFi: Work with a friend

(2008-09-07 21:15:12) Small bagel bakery, mostly you're all just standing around a table all

AskMeFi: Help me compromise my ethics

(2008-09-07 20:51:49) Just say "May you be reborn a Buddha" over each shoe.

AskMeFi: Middle Age Gut Check

(2008-09-02 23:13:23) Possible. Don't know the details. I'm pretty much 38 ish and have an


(2008-09-02 16:53:43) FWIW, my first project was a MIDI converter from Byte magazine. I don't

AskMeFi: Drunken reaction time

(2008-09-02 04:26:43) I've just been through medical detox. It hits you like any drug. I LOL'd

AskMeFi: WTF does Space Mean

(2008-09-01 05:09:42) Dumped, but... I'm flirting with an old friend who was recently divorced

AskMeFi: Which of us is the jerk

(2008-09-01 00:37:51) Some things can really get people on the sneak up side. My grampa died

MetaFilter: A massive asteroid from outer space heads straight for earth

(2008-08-31 22:45:15) LOL, where are the womens in skimpy clothing?

AskMeFi: The art of showing not telling

(2008-08-31 10:53:41) Everybody beat me to everything else. I've seen most of the films

AskMeFi: Should I be worried

(2008-08-30 21:59:42) Go for it. I smoked pot for 15 years or so and eventually got down to "I

MetaFilter: Seek the Six

(2008-08-30 16:19:59) "Who is number 1"

AskMeFi: How long does one smell skunk

(2008-08-27 23:30:48) LOL, @randomstriker. I love skunk smell. You are not alone.

MetaFilter: Another week another benefit

(2008-08-27 23:20:39) It was geeky experimentation and 20 years ago. Your 'bubble bags' scare
(2008-08-27 21:44:12) My process made Acetone go away. Just another petrochemical that can
(2008-08-27 21:40:36) Oh, and you're better off with medical grade ether, and a coffee pot in the
(2008-08-27 21:32:10) Yes Acetone, just like Ether. You extract and then boil off the solvent.
(2008-08-27 20:01:33) Feh, soak your weed in Acetone or Ether and then evaporate to make awesome
(2008-08-27 19:00:57) zengorgoyle stopped because dealer went to dark side and started dealing
(2008-08-27 14:52:24) Ditto. I never got sick or had allergies or anxiety disorders for the 15

AskMeFi: What do you do when you first start to feel a cold or other sickness

(2008-08-27 15:13:48) Even my strictly fundamental Christian family members kept some booze in

AskMeFi: To fornicate or not to fornicate

(2008-08-27 09:43:50) If he's a minister with any flavor of christanity I think it's safe to say

MetaFilter: It tastes like burning

(2008-08-26 13:08:20) Don't be knocking the Pop Rocks. Take them (your favorite flavor) and put

AskMeFi: I dont want to be guilted into explaining why I dont give blood

(2008-08-26 00:58:10) I do donate on occasion and even did the plasma donation thing for $$, but

AskMeFi: How do I let a guy know I want to sleep with him

(2008-08-25 23:15:06) Call, go out, get some kinky lingerie. Once you get to make out stage and

MetaFilter: Me Im 74 savvy

(2008-08-24 20:50:38) 80% and they're wrong!

AskMeFi: Trying to locate a picture

(2008-08-24 02:08:44) There's only One electron in the universe .

AskMeFi: I have anxiety at dinnertime

(2008-08-23 23:50:50) I'm with BitterOldPunk mostly, not they flying part... Be a cat. Chase him

AskMeFi: How do I make simple dynamic web pages using perl

(2008-08-22 12:43:04) I'll go against the grain a bit and say that you might want to use a

MetaFilter: Appliance internals

(2008-08-21 13:12:56) Wish I had done this as a kid, I might have been able to put back together

AskMeFi: Is the amount of matter in the universe infinite

(2008-08-20 11:29:00) You might wan to check out Infinity and the Mind for just about everything

AskMeFi: What to do with all these extra finger condoms

(2008-08-15 21:33:18) Protecting matches or a lighter from water in a survival kit.

AskMeFi: Looks like I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque

(2008-08-13 08:58:07) Car: yes.

AskMeFi: How to write ampersands by hand

(2008-08-11 02:31:19) Pretty: straight stroke from top to bottom and curvy part from top to

AskMeFi: Roommate dating

(2008-08-09 10:24:06) Backrubs.

AskMeFi: But Not The Wasp Factory Please

(2008-08-06 16:04:21) Mr. Banks has creeped me out a couple of times, I still look for his new

MetaFilter: I see wizardry

(2008-08-04 15:06:26) an opticon?

MetaFilter: More was Lost than Just the Rocket

(2008-08-03 19:29:34) He died and got his ashes blasted into bits in a rocket explosion, fuckwin!

AskMeFi: How do I find the right martial arts program for my 6 year old boy

(2008-08-01 18:42:24) Aikido is what your want I think. It's big on philosophy in that you try

AskMeFi: What made your college RA great

(2008-07-31 20:01:37) RA who?

AskMeFi: Need to become the ultimate MacGyver Suggestions

(2008-07-31 12:48:40) Henley's from 1916 has almost everything you can imagine in it.

MetaFilter: A barber came to Bristol

(2008-07-29 10:18:59) um... woo-hoo hometown shout out... I grew up in Bristol, my HS buddy

AskMeFi: Childrens BloodLetting Game

(2008-07-28 13:42:26) Bloody knuckles was where you held a comb between your fists and the other

AskMeFi: Rockets gasoline

(2008-07-27 10:00:32) you want to get one of those super sparkly and colorful fireworks (giant

AskMeFi: Can I combine htaccess and session variables from other systems

(2008-07-23 10:53:34) Check out OpenID and PubCookie. We use the latter to allow single sign on

AskMeFi: Excluding Enterprise Whats the Macs Market Share

(2008-07-22 12:03:21) Not quite spending their own money, but geeky enough to tell somebody what

AskMeFi: Getting latex paint off a car

(2008-07-22 10:18:34) A light hand and a scratch remover compound. It was a parking garage and a

AskMeFi: Do I really need a meditation cushion to meditate properly

(2008-07-20 04:31:06) A meditation pillow helps you keep proper posture. Full lotus, half lotus,

AskMeFi: Ooh whats inside there

(2008-07-17 17:15:35) Get a flashlight, stay up late, learn to pick locks, go with a friend,

AskMeFi: SciFi novels on unusual planets

(2008-07-12 11:34:35) Camelot 30K . Shrimp like little things living on a cold, cold, cold

AskMeFi: Change gchat tone

(2008-07-08 11:00:57) Use pidgin and you can set sounds for anything, chat on almost every

AskMeFi: DIY pedicure

(2008-07-07 15:34:05) I use an emery board, either the cardboard or foam core type. Use the fine

AskMeFi: I love you but I hate your style

(2008-07-03 12:15:03) HA HA I'm 38 and my mother still sends clothes that I haven't

AskMeFi: Im forever blowing bubbles and wishing I wasnt

(2008-06-30 07:57:31) Seconding a pinch of salt. It'll make your soda fizz up quite a bit and

AskMeFi: Do I have to turn %E3%81%93%E3%81%AE%E3%83%95%E3%82%A1%E3%82%A4%E3%83%ABdat into 00001dat

(2008-06-25 02:55:59) You want Kakasi . It's not perfect, a pain to use (but there's a Perl

AskMeFi: What should I learn to do this summer

(2008-06-15 11:35:26) Juggling.

AskMeFi: Thats gonna leave a mark

(2008-06-13 13:43:28) Don't do that again.

MetaFilter: Go real fast

(2008-06-04 20:30:32) Still reading... my 6th grade "make a car" project was the Budweiser rocket

AskMeFi: Sleeping on your side hurt your shoulder

(2008-06-04 08:45:36) Yes.... no injuries. I try to make sure I'm more on my stomach or more on

AskMeFi: Sources for cheap lead or other heavy things

(2008-06-02 04:33:43) Gun shop. You can buy big bags of lead shot for reloading shotgun shells.

MetaFilter: Thats a good name ground I wonder if it will be friends with me

(2008-06-02 03:34:56) I'm with fearfulsymmetry, my favorite way to go is atomization. And

AskMeFi: What is being a baker or souschef like

(2008-05-29 01:47:38) Large bagel shop that served the state... Smoke a bowl before starting at

AskMeFi: Sitting Like a Pretzel

(2008-05-27 01:10:38) I remember being taught how to sit "indian-style" in pre-school, yes we

AskMeFi: A Cure for Shiny Key Syndrome

(2008-05-26 11:30:55) Shut down and use one of those Clorox wipes across your board. Other than

AskMeFi: NotQuiteSex Tips

(2008-05-25 22:58:51) Massage is great, when you go down... do the alphabet... A down down

MetaFilter: Longer Farther Faster

(2008-05-25 02:36:44) Let him jump without a parachute and hope his friends catch him, then I'll

AskMeFi: Hi Mom Id really prefer not to talk to you

(2008-05-24 13:46:23) Oh girl I feel the pain... I hated my mother for a long time, she was a

MetaFilter: The Future Without IPv6

(2008-05-24 10:10:12) IPv6 is coming.. touch her, feel her, she's cumming.... OMG yes!

MetaFilter: A post that pops

(2008-05-20 22:52:01) woot!

AskMeFi: good pencils for comic strip drawing

(2008-05-20 09:05:55) If he doesn't have them, a couple of these and an assortment of leads, and

AskMeFi: hey heres a card see you in not sure when

(2008-05-19 17:16:45) I have 4 or 6 depending on how you count, all on the other side of the

AskMeFi: Strong EasternWestern Graphic Novel dramas

(2008-05-19 16:31:33) You might like Osamu Tezuka's Ode to Kirihito . At 900 ish pages it'll

AskMeFi: I really want to stop wanting things

(2008-05-18 21:22:42) When hungry, Eat! When tired, Sleep! Have you finished your meal? Wash

AskMeFi: help me make an indie rock bar a little more surreal

(2008-05-17 06:26:45) The last few minutes of Star Wars IV (WTF ever) played all the time at the

MetaFilter: 15 bits of crypto should be enough for anybody

(2008-05-17 03:47:43) Yeah, it got noticed because there's been a week of heavy SSH scans going

AskMeFi: Cat wont let us sleep

(2008-05-16 18:42:51) Ok, I guess 'swat' would be better than 'smack'. I'm not advocating
(2008-05-16 17:33:14) I stand by my "be a cat" philosophy, learn to 'hiss' and smack them, and

AskMeFi: Whats the difference between a geek a nerd and a dork

(2008-05-15 19:58:06) Nerds know that Geek is a circus performer who does some strange sh*t like

MetaFilter: Goin to the chapel and were Gonna get mahaharried

(2008-05-15 15:49:52) I should start cleaning house and inviting old friends to CA. And I really

AskMeFi: Lights in the sky

(2008-05-15 04:52:27) I go for jon4009's answer. I see floaters. Against a blue sky I can see

AskMeFi: Why recycling plastic bags is so difficult

(2008-05-14 23:31:15) Here in Glendale L.A. they are listed on the "things we accept in recycle

MetaFilter: The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses

(2008-05-14 14:00:25) I'm glad I have "mad scientist hair"

AskMeFi: The Pliers Years

(2008-05-13 23:56:32) If epoxy didn't fix it, needle-nosed pliers did. (and a folded envelope

AskMeFi: Not quite a lump in my throat

(2008-05-13 21:38:28) Don't rule out allergies. I went 38 years being the only person in the

AskMeFi: Where to go in LA for Yoruba

(2008-05-13 18:48:50) Alvarado around MacArthur Park. Watch out for the junkies and crackheads

AskMeFi: How do I stop from gagging in the mornings

(2008-05-12 17:14:02) Why does AskMe always answer something I want to know. Same problem, I

MetaFilter: Home of the Brave

(2008-05-11 22:14:14) When I was in high school in bumfuck egypt Virgina, back in the 80's... my

AskMeFi: Tell loud headphone users on mass transit to turn it down

(2008-05-10 01:35:17) I would start humming along if I knew the song.... works wonders. When

AskMeFi: Shell scripting or something better

(2008-05-09 17:45:34) Sorry, bad HTML.. that's < nums.txt at the end there...
(2008-05-09 17:43:54) pocams' test
(2008-05-09 17:10:26) Yeah right....
(2008-05-09 16:50:00) On lack of preview, yes. Almost any scripting that avoids forks and
(2008-05-09 16:44:04) Perl! It saves all of the forks and startup times, it was made for this

MetaFilter: Whos going to break the news to Cory Doctorow

(2008-05-08 10:19:45) I still prefer Range Murata style retro. (NSFW)

AskMeFi: Looking for overthecounter antianxiety medication

(2008-05-08 00:39:48) Oh, and find some Rescue Remedy... it's a mix of various herbal extracts
(2008-05-08 00:30:14) Kava is fine in small doses, you probably want Valerian root.

AskMeFi: Acrobatic Skunk

(2008-05-08 00:26:39) Can I add on or hijack and ask if anybody else enjoys the smell of skunk?

AskMeFi: Claritin Benadryl

(2008-05-06 23:15:59) Family wisdom is you can double up on the Claritin and take every 12 hours,

AskMeFi: Must be nice to work six hours a day and get paid for eight

(2008-05-06 20:36:58) Yeah, what sort of IT? I do the same thing, I'm exempt (payed $X per month

MetaFilter: Everyone Is Someone Elses Weirdo

(2008-05-02 21:47:44) Consciousness is the time between naps. You share a similarity with all

AskMeFi: Please Rock My Boat

(2008-05-02 13:05:12) Don Caballero, Drive Like Jehu.

MetaFilter: it tore me up every time I heard her drawl

(2008-05-02 12:56:46) 70% Dixie (strange because the first time I was 100% Dixie, Javascript

MetaFilter: Gravity pretty much is irrelevant

(2008-05-01 19:32:11) A three pronged flying thing isn't a boomerang. Wusses.

AskMeFi: Help me be an awesome uncle

(2008-05-01 15:05:20) Knife, First Aid kit (mine was Army type), a Zippo lighter and fluid...

AskMeFi: Where to rent while attending Cal State LA

(2008-05-01 14:30:19) I'll vote Glendale. Been here 7 years or so, no bars on windows, quiet,

AskMeFi: How to get Mad Scientist Hair

(2008-05-01 13:59:02) Long or short? I have "mad scientist hair"... How? Shave your head with

AskMeFi: Hints on diagnosing HD failure

(2008-04-29 23:00:40) Came to say mostly what Class Goat said. There's a chance that it's

MetaFilter: Hes joined Lucy in the sky

(2008-04-29 20:01:24) A . and thanks. I would have never known that I could lay my head back and

AskMeFi: A bottle of vodka

(2008-04-29 03:31:02) Did somebody say Vodka? Tito's, Thor's Hammer, Russian Standard. Top

AskMeFi: Reincarnation

(2008-04-29 03:11:05) Omega Point . Just as whacky as any other belief.... should the universe

AskMeFi: I chew on staples paper clips and scotch tape Am I going to die

(2008-04-28 14:47:14) Try paper instead. Metal is probably something you shouldn't chew on, too

AskMeFi: Green Concierge Seeks Los Angeles Infodump

(2008-04-27 18:52:33) Well, there's Tommy's on Colorado in Eagle Rock. :) There's Old Town

AskMeFi: Kosher Position in Classic Meditation that Provides Full Back Support

(2008-04-24 21:58:34) A Zafu is the pillow thing. There's also Seiza sitting, which seems to me

AskMeFi: ROFL ROFL tshirt help

(2008-04-24 01:34:57) "Do not adjust the dials"

AskMeFi: Bed bath and lingerie shower giftHelp me find a cool gift for my cousins bed bath and lingerie themed bridal shower

(2008-04-22 23:21:21) Just for the bath gift-basket thing... find the L.E.D. Ice Cubes ... better

AskMeFi: Can I live in a parking garage

(2008-04-21 11:03:44) It can go the other way. Our parking is an old Macy's warehouse converted

AskMeFi: Random TV show about Fanasty in the 80s

(2008-04-20 19:03:09) Just another... The Blind Swordsman Zatoichi also has a dagger in the

AskMeFi: privacy for my 9 year old

(2008-04-16 16:09:17) eww a22lamia, I'm all for trunks with locks, had one, kept my M80

AskMeFi: First rule of Usenet Dont talk about Usenet

(2008-04-16 16:01:32) Usenet... before internet (as most people know it). I was doing it in 1987

AskMeFi: Help me stop the house from reeking like a restaurant after closing

(2008-04-16 15:50:16) It's probably ammonia. Food Service days, shoe smelt of ammonia.

MetaFilter: RIP John Wheeler physicist

(2008-04-14 22:53:01) .

AskMeFi: Allergic to weird things

(2008-04-14 08:57:50) I think salvia has it. It's places where you think "Janitorial Service",
(2008-04-14 00:31:08) salvia yes!

MetaFilter: Super High Me

(2008-04-13 16:22:51) Dude! Stopped smoking 5 years or so ago with one little exception.. Worst

MetaFilter: Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman

(2008-04-12 22:31:42) Only good thing, look at your hands when you dream and wake up!!!!

AskMeFi: Why Am I getting 404 errors for legitimate web pages while casually browsing

(2008-04-12 08:14:51) @smersh, no not your problem. It's a global thing with ISPs and old
(2008-04-12 03:21:34) Pro tip... full internet routing tables have grown above low-level router

AskMeFi: Why do I feel like a zombie

(2008-04-10 23:39:48) Same boat here, I wake up at around 5am to go to work at around 10am and

MetaFilter: The Japanese Garden

(2008-04-10 12:54:36) Don't miss Hawaii East-West Center. Here . F'ing trees planted by Emperor

AskMeFi: Taking acid pros and cons

(2008-04-10 01:01:14) You people are taking weak shrooms. 30-60 minutes WTF? shrooms fucked me

MetaFilter: Your meal via an E ticket ride

(2008-04-09 11:43:40) sushi bar go around .

MetaFilter: Internet Event Horizons

(2008-04-09 07:12:29) Cheap old routers don't have the memory capacity for the current BGP

AskMeFi: Im deaddog tired in my dreams

(2008-04-09 07:03:17) Spin like a dervish. Are you sure it's tired? Many of my dreams end in

MetaTalk: Well all need lobotomies to keep from shouting Dont do it

(2008-04-09 00:25:35) lol klangklangston ... "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a
(2008-04-08 21:41:31) Crap, missed my sit quietly and do nothing post.

AskMeFi: Top my homemade pizza

(2008-04-09 00:01:21) Wow, eating pizza for the next week or so. :) Me, simple... cheapo cheese

AskMeFi: Innocuous marijuana use and law enforcement

(2008-04-08 21:48:26) homeless in Pasadena CA, cop took my weed and put it back in my pocket.

AskMeFi: My Roommates Junk Smells

(2008-04-08 21:27:15) ex-homeless guy, Nacho Cheese is smell of funk, time for a good washing and

AskMeFi: Best use for expensive old balsamico

(2008-04-08 21:10:08) Brian James .... half a head of romano lettuce, in butter and parmesean

MetaFilter: Knuckle tattoos

(2008-04-08 17:01:54) Girl beside me on last plane trip had "MILK" on her knuckles. Never found

AskMeFi: How do I climb out of my shell online

(2008-04-07 15:48:18)

AskMeFi: Im experiencing auditory hallucinations when waking

(2008-04-04 16:55:09) Last week after being awake for 3 days, I turned on the ceiling fan which

MetaFilter: Make Love to the Dough

(2008-04-04 08:53:14) weapons-grade pandemonium , bagels are made by lifting 150 pounds of dough
(2008-04-04 08:24:02) OMG gimme whatever he's smoking!

AskMeFi: Out of pocket

(2008-04-03 14:18:22) Ditto on the money thing. West coast for a decade. 'out of pocket' is

AskMeFi: Exciting food combinations

(2008-04-03 06:13:25) 3rd-ing salted peanuts in a bottle of Coke. Grandfather told me this, also

AskMeFi: How do I lift big rocks into the bed of a truck

(2008-04-02 10:25:42) A lot of wood. Jack up one side, brace with wood, jack up other side brace

AskMeFi: Water water everywhere but way too boring to drink all the time

(2008-04-02 07:13:49) Try some Genmaicha , green tea with roasted brown rice. Lower in Caffeine

MetaTalk: Taste the rainbow

(2008-04-01 19:49:03) yeah, I appreciate the intent, but for old folk with poor vision as it is,

AskMeFi: Home internet networks over large distances

(2008-04-01 19:42:21) (insert warnings about ground potential between buildings far apart...

AskMeFi: arrgh the demon eyes

(2008-03-27 07:26:56) Ah, I just knew about Picasa web stuff my sister uses to organize her
(2008-03-27 01:28:21) I haven't checked yet, but I think people are missing the "Excruciating
(2008-03-26 19:42:51) I'll check that out, but I couldn't get them to switch from their ISP email

AskMeFi: How to reach a clitoral orgasm

(2008-03-26 23:19:56) Tongue, doing the alphabet, ABCDEFG, HIJKLMNOP, QRSTUV, WXYZ, repeat.

AskMeFi: During a potentially longterm illness how do you know when youre supposed to drop what youre doing and go be with the sick person

(2008-03-26 23:06:15) Go now! I got to my grandmother when she was comatose, I'm leaving

AskMeFi: How organic is Natural American Spirit tobacco

(2008-03-26 14:58:09) The Winston branding has the same "Additive Free" on the box, and in at

AskMeFi: Why am I waking up at the same time without an alarm

(2008-03-26 14:43:00) Do you have any allergies? I wake up around 5:30 am every morning for no

AskMeFi: Does this ring a bell for anyone

(2008-03-26 01:32:44) Join the look at left hand crowd. Plain ring, or sparkly ring... No go

AskMeFi: A mp3 or an mp3

(2008-03-25 19:24:55) a MP3, a F-16... "There's a F-16 flying over" suits my ears better than

MetaFilter: I gotta sleep under some Chinaman named after a ducks dork

(2008-03-25 05:37:24) Child of the 80's here... yes, John Hughes movies were the bomb. Molly

AskMeFi: How to install XP to a brand new Vistariddled Dell

(2008-03-24 11:49:02) Don't nuke all partitions. At least every Dell I've had (and that's up

AskMeFi: fried electronic smell

(2008-03-24 11:34:04) You've got some Magic Smoke . Ozone, Silicon, some random other stuff.

MetaFilter: Rapid Offensive Unit Xenophobe will no doubt be pleased

(2008-03-24 10:33:22) Just joining the fanclub. Started with Excession, scoured the LA public

AskMeFi: Snark vs Wit

(2008-03-23 23:44:11) I put snark with snipe and troll. It's there to get you to waste your time

AskMeFi: I can has engineermind

(2008-03-23 14:06:17) 2nd "Mathematical Games", add Godel, Escher, Bach and Metamagical Themas .

AskMeFi: Techno Classical JOY

(2008-03-22 00:52:06) Oh, here's a start... (Itube so you don't have to...)
(2008-03-21 22:42:40) Oh, youtube search "Walter Carlos", "Wendy Carlos". early sex change
(2008-03-21 21:42:37) Oh, and YouTube search "Hooked on Classics" for some more of the
(2008-03-21 21:26:08) And OMG, your favorite idea of classical/techno totally sucks. You're into
(2008-03-21 20:50:34) *cough* sent apotheosis O Fortuna mix link via mefi-mail. covered. :)

AskMeFi: Could high airpressure explained huge dinosaurs

(2008-03-21 16:32:06) I don't have the link bookmarked... this is crazy biblical creationist

AskMeFi: Bohannon bohannon bohannon

(2008-03-20 18:31:13) Heard back from native Japanese speaking friend: "I don't think it's

MetaFilter: Elfinflicted marketing plan for generating elfesteem

(2008-03-20 14:06:05) Thanks for the tip delmoi , I saw this earlier this morning and was having

AskMeFi: Methods to achieve better tactical and strategic thinking

(2008-03-18 16:52:12) Chess, The Art of War, A Book of Five Rings , Machiavelli: The Prince , Tao

AskMeFi: NonIndoEuropean language families

(2008-03-18 16:22:11) Japanese wise, I watch tons of anime... while not as common as the "hit the

MetaFilter: Neither technology nor magic was sufficiently advanced

(2008-03-18 15:47:09) I read Clarke on Shakespeare and Clarke on the Bible, and tons of sci-fi.

MetaFilter: Open the Pearly Gates HAL

(2008-03-18 15:08:49) .

AskMeFi: iPhone wants to go home

(2008-03-18 13:22:49) Just the update. I waited a few days for the Craiglist thing just in
(2008-03-13 19:38:12) > B(oYo)BIES -- yeah, checked them all. They don't match, by date or
(2008-03-13 19:24:23) Craigslist checked, nothing. Lost+Found post added.
(2008-03-13 19:00:26) Ah, cool. I'll hit an AT&T cell phone store tomorrow. Thanks.

AskMeFi: Konichiwa

(2008-03-17 19:34:47) You're pushing it at the $500 mark. But wildass guess... look for a Hawaii

AskMeFi: Give me strength

(2008-03-16 10:15:00) Erasure, They Might Be Giants. Depending on age, Best of Bootie. I've

MetaFilter: Notch tubing without a notcher

(2008-03-15 19:09:10) I don't understand this at all.
(2008-03-15 18:41:25) lol, tears in my eyes.... Back in the 70's when I was like 9 or so,

AskMeFi: Getting the gunk out of my lungs

(2008-03-14 13:33:31) Swallow regular/"cold" phlem. Spit allergy phlem, and take a strong

AskMeFi: Bedroom tips needed

(2008-03-13 06:43:53) The Marriott I'm sitting in right now has a catalog where you can buy their

AskMeFi: What are some inventive recipes for cooking in a dorm room

(2008-03-12 20:34:06) gnutron stole my post... Electric Wok. Quesadillas, cheese sandwiches,

AskMeFi: Early internet discussions

(2008-03-11 18:02:28) Oh, BTW... the Google/DejaNews thing by no way has everything back to 1981.

AskMeFi: Photo Opportunity

(2008-03-11 15:09:26) Have a Credit Union at your school? Have an account? Get a credit card

AskMeFi: Fellowship What Am I Missing Besides Christian Salvation I Guess

(2008-03-10 18:27:57) At least 30 years ago from a fundamental southern baptist in my neck of the

AskMeFi: How to cram lots of differing but related info into a graphic

(2008-03-08 17:06:57) Just another you should read Tufte. If you like that graphic, his books

AskMeFi: Splitting hairs or Hair splitting

(2008-03-07 13:55:29) F*ck you Cantor .

AskMeFi: BadHairFilter

(2008-03-06 23:56:14) hifiparasol made me LOL, that's exactly what I think about my home town

AskMeFi: Practical use for multiple desktop screens

(2008-03-06 22:23:24) laptop:

AskMeFi: Help save my wrists from RSI

(2008-03-06 13:52:58) Yay! vi vs. emacs war. I don't know about IDEs and their interfaces. But

AskMeFi: Bamboozled

(2008-03-06 11:57:21) Just another thing... aluminum foil on the bottom, poked with holes

AskMeFi: How to resolve different sexual size problems

(2008-03-05 06:02:47) Read the Kama Sutra and try 'odd' positions. There are plenty where you

AskMeFi: Tied up in Knots

(2008-03-05 05:33:24) What everybody else said. I used to be famous for massage, almost made a

AskMeFi: Return Address

(2008-03-05 00:32:03) oh, just a note. One of the jobs I turned down ages ago was OCR processing
(2008-03-05 00:26:56) I'm not sure what First Class mail is for regular bills and such... I

AskMeFi: How can I break into an empty filing cabinet

(2008-03-04 11:53:29) Look for the MIT Lockpicking Guide. Screwdriver for torsion, bent

MetaFilter: HP 1

(2008-03-04 11:48:26) .

AskMeFi: More than just tomato sauce

(2008-03-03 21:20:49) Bachelor Chow... frozen tortellini from the store, cook, pinch of salt,

AskMeFi: Step one Buy a guitar

(2008-03-03 04:23:00) N-thing Juggling... if you're not a klutz, I can get you juggling 3 balls

AskMeFi: Zen and the art of Zen

(2008-03-03 03:55:56) Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki. This book has the read a

AskMeFi: How do you really ground yourself

(2008-02-29 00:27:43) High end routers have a hole in the front to plug in a wrist band. Almost

AskMeFi: automatic keycap cleaining

(2008-02-28 23:55:58) Used to pry off keys and clean in soapy water. Now, blank screen and

AskMeFi: Today is the first payday of the rest of my life

(2008-02-28 23:48:13) Direct deposit? Maybe not applicable, my 401K, car/home/medical/dental

AskMeFi: Also were Latin Kings

(2008-02-27 18:59:16) Shout out for Glendale! Only place I've lived in LA where there aren't

AskMeFi: Too much starch is never a bad thing right

(2008-02-26 02:32:06) LOL, second time in a day I join the freak squad... :) don't worry, there

AskMeFi: Snacking on sugar cubes

(2008-02-26 01:43:45) You'll be fine. 20 years ago back in poor student days working graveyard

AskMeFi: Interview Filter How to handle a tricky history

(2008-02-23 23:04:35) Don't worry, just deal. I almost passed up a promotion due to the new

AskMeFi: Is it better to take a 24hour allergy pill in the morning or at night

(2008-02-23 22:10:28) IANAD also, but family members have been on every allergy drug invented in

MetaFilter: Church giggles to the extreme

(2008-02-22 16:20:46) Curse you, Virginia High School was the actual name of my high school. I

AskMeFi: Looking for advice on running Windows in a virtual machine

(2008-02-21 15:38:27) 2nd-ing VMWare. Only software (except for Quake III) that I've bought for

AskMeFi: Nuts Ive got a squirrel

(2008-02-17 17:27:38) All the squirrel hate. :( Leave a couple whole walnuts out every week in

AskMeFi: where to find this 40 year old power cord

(2008-02-17 02:04:51) Or, even better... scrounge some lamp cord (el cheapo extension cord size),
(2008-02-17 01:47:21) Ha, I was going to say make your own... I have no clue what the name of

MetaFilter: 512 bytes of text to create a movie

(2008-02-16 03:20:53) Sweet. POV-Ray got my college account suspended for *ahem* appropriating a

AskMeFi: Downloading

(2008-02-15 14:24:12) File sharing goes back a long ways. Maybe a little less for 'copyright

AskMeFi: How do I send cash anonymously to someone and make sure it gets to the recipients

(2008-02-15 12:55:54) just a data point, 7-11s do Money Orders for cash, should be pretty

AskMeFi: alarming cat

(2008-02-15 12:21:03) Learn to be a cat. When he's napping on the bed or in the sun, lay down

MetaFilter: Of Montreal Never heard of em

(2008-02-14 23:59:12) I must be only 22% white, and "Salt n’ Pepa: Push It" was awesome music

AskMeFi: Why can nothing go faster than the speed of light

(2008-02-14 11:49:25) Don't forget The Mechanical Universe on Demand ... 52 episodes of physics

AskMeFi: Need foreign idioms about love

(2008-02-12 22:26:27) 一視同仁 (いっしどうじん) (n) loving every human being with impartiality; universal

AskMeFi: Translate my snack

(2008-02-12 18:54:17) There are at least 2 kinds of noodles. Ones that you add water and

AskMeFi: Id like to get better at protecting the things I love self included

(2008-02-12 18:27:52) Nth Juggle for the hands. Then, stretch your arms out above your head and

AskMeFi: Can I fit a bigger battery in my UPS

(2008-02-12 09:57:33) maybe .

AskMeFi: Is skirt still used as slang for woman

(2008-02-11 16:55:27) 軟派 (なんぱ) ["nanpa" for font deficient browsers and those that don't read

MetaFilter: Finish your plate please

(2008-02-11 15:26:53) Wolfdog gets it for the calorie/cent thing. Those fruit pies were my

MetaFilter: Anonymous Church of Scientology protest has some and gone

(2008-02-11 10:30:33) Can anybody think of another global same day protest action with people

MetaFilter: Wed like to confirm from the crew of Apollo 17 that the world is round

(2008-02-11 09:22:15) My grandmother worked at a photo place, I had a print of the Blue Marble on

AskMeFi: What is IT worth

(2008-02-11 00:27:14) Old formula: 50 weeks/year, 40 hours/week == 2000... expect to only work

AskMeFi: Need a scientific explanation of how the Confetti Bomb Prank works

(2008-02-10 19:07:30) Just tested and yes you can get 'liquid' out of a can of compressed air.

AskMeFi: Do people laugh less as they get older

(2008-02-10 15:33:32) At 38 I laugh a lot more than ever before, but it might just be YouTube or

AskMeFi: Career change in IT where to go from here

(2008-02-09 19:55:52) 2nd-ing abbazabba, if you can stand a bit of a pay cut in exchange for

AskMeFi: There is nothing to fearbut fear itself

(2008-02-09 06:30:07) Nth-ing martial arts, but would suggest Aikido. Still non-violent, but a

MetaFilter: How to Tie a Tie The Pursuit of the Perfect Tie Knot

(2008-02-08 23:19:07) What's a tie?

AskMeFi: Is there a program out there that will turn on my computer for me

(2008-02-08 19:38:53) # The 'magic packet' consists of 6 times 0xFF followed by 16 times
(2008-02-08 19:35:27) Test and see if it will boot on power. I have a 'wakeonlan' script to send

AskMeFi: Till tenure do us part

(2008-02-08 14:17:14) In academia, also married once, Justice of the Peace type ceremony, ring

AskMeFi: Study on the science of PowerPoint comprehension

(2008-02-08 12:10:47) Seconding probably Tufte, have all 4 of his books and ....

AskMeFi: Without an S this spot will go to pot

(2008-02-08 10:42:36) OMG youtube to the rescue
(2008-02-08 10:39:27) oh, nevermind, missed that part. Mod's delete..
(2008-02-08 10:37:57) oh, and N'T is on his collection...
(2008-02-08 10:37:14) And share if you find them. :) Big TL fan here.
(2008-02-08 10:27:01) probably you mixed up 'S' with 'E'....
(2008-02-08 10:11:44) I have the supposed complete Tom Lehrer collection, nothing seems to fit...

AskMeFi: Hotel Tipping

(2008-02-07 21:30:39) I leave pocket change. And that's like every time you go out and come back

AskMeFi: Lonely movie seeks mate for night of incredible synergy

(2008-02-07 15:57:42) Altered States + Akira

AskMeFi: Hey you

(2008-02-07 15:33:05) I'd say yes. I sign some emails with full name, title, department, and if

AskMeFi: Call of the Cauliflower

(2008-02-07 14:41:52) On lack of preview, parmesan or romano, lime, or even vinegar (my family
(2008-02-07 14:37:15) Think it was an Alton Brown thing for Broccoli but sounds good for

MetaFilter: The Mechanical Universe on Demand

(2008-02-06 15:54:09) Purely enecdotal evidence, but I think I sat in the same room, or another
(2008-02-06 13:32:22) Totally sweet, first mms link in asx file is my uni. Work is wasted for a
(2008-02-06 13:09:52) Nth OMG, OMG, OMG... I watched these on the old big 12' or so satellite

AskMeFi: Why would a gas station remove the holdopen lever on the gas nozzle

(2008-02-06 07:46:14) L.A. area California, never seen a pump that didn't have the hold open

MetaFilter: Once sure Twice Maybe Three Four

(2008-02-05 19:47:55) I've been watching this since the first failure... "OMG terrorists", no,

AskMeFi: Where can I buy colored power cables

(2008-02-05 07:04:11) Get a few rolls of different colored electrical tape. Better yet, a label

AskMeFi: I need a subtler form of how you doin

(2008-02-04 13:17:05) LOL CPH: "Nice boots...", haven't heard that one in a while....

AskMeFi: What happens on a date

(2008-02-04 11:21:29) Nth dancing lessons... seem to be always a need for guys and you get to

AskMeFi: Prolapse Problems

(2008-02-03 13:18:56) Only thing I can think of is to check local universities with medical

MetaFilter: Strange Brew

(2008-02-03 11:35:56) Didn't we have this conversation just a few days ago about LSD? Me, I'm

AskMeFi: Is it always cheaper to repair an old laptop than to buy a new one

(2008-02-02 23:02:32) 3 year replacement cycle. Not a geek, buy best you can afford and support.

AskMeFi: Help me connect a 20 yr old hard drive

(2008-02-02 22:48:46) In case above does not work, my first disk was MFM with an Adaptec MFM to

AskMeFi: Day labor hiring centers in central LA

(2008-02-02 22:25:37) Should preview, have some beers on hand.
(2008-02-02 22:22:59) oh, and $10/hr x 8hr ish day, $80 per person per day or half if it's really
(2008-02-02 22:16:22) There's an official type place on San Fernando around the Glendale area.

AskMeFi: Did ninjas ever actually exist

(2008-02-02 22:01:21) No-Sword needs no second. Just want to say I read ninja books in the 70's

AskMeFi: Help me extend my LAN please

(2008-02-01 06:22:31) Yep, you want (and probably require for building code) plenum cable

MetaFilter: Love at first smell and what stinky tshirts tell us about attraction

(2008-01-31 15:00:29) Getting a kick out of this, just last week I was telling people about how I

MetaFilter: To Live

(2008-01-30 02:39:43) Iridic, they pulled a bunch of the arrows with strings. Sorry.

AskMeFi: Need some nerdage

(2008-01-29 08:50:39) Heavy Metal (toon)

AskMeFi: Any recommendations on a Free Serverless instant messaging client

(2008-01-29 04:18:54) Why no server? Upkeep? Or no central point of failure? I run a couple

MetaFilter: We Have Cameras

(2008-01-27 18:07:33) Twice I have found random key rings laying around and both times there's

MetaFilter: Pixars papers on computer graphics

(2008-01-26 01:44:35) lalochezia, get out of my head... old Amiga 1000 hacker, learned assembly

MetaFilter: MTV when it was AWESOME

(2008-01-26 01:30:50) lol, I lived in a small southern town that had a religious hissy-fit

MetaFilter: ASCII Game Revolution

(2008-01-25 02:43:51) Still trying to ascend in Nethack. Friggin' cat got polymorphed into a

AskMeFi: Installing perl in a user folder

(2008-01-24 03:31:11) Check the Configure script, I'm away on vacation/trip, but I've installed

AskMeFi: how do you keep fingernails clean

(2008-01-23 10:48:47) Sorta same as others. Wash hair == really clean nails. Either really

AskMeFi: How long can I put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled without ruining my teeth

(2008-01-22 03:58:36) Mine stayed in for a long time, two growing frontwards and impacting the

AskMeFi: Coping with balding at 19

(2008-01-22 03:00:45) Shave it! Number 2 or Number 1 on the clipper. Have not the balding, but

AskMeFi: Japanese BBQ Sauce like at DOJO

(2008-01-22 02:37:44) s/form/forum/
(2008-01-22 02:36:58) or the not quite at all self-link, go to, pick an

AskMeFi: Why do disks drive

(2008-01-22 02:03:41) yep, taken giant drum things out of 'drives', and only 10M or less. Horror

AskMeFi: Can I hear you now

(2008-01-20 04:34:56) I start with left, but if I can't figure out WTF the person wants I move to

MetaTalk: Rocking Homelessness

(2008-01-16 07:42:37) God damn it loquacious!

AskMeFi: How can an attached girl make friends with single guys Or can she

(2008-01-16 03:34:19) I'm N-thing the ring. Second thing I look for after the first "She's

AskMeFi: Homelessness howto

(2008-01-16 03:10:30) gah, have to read this in the morning.... I had a housing conflict and one

AskMeFi: How do I not screw up the rest of my life

(2008-01-16 02:05:00) tl;dnr. Don't sweat it, you're young. During my youth, Southern

MetaFilter: Oops

(2008-01-15 19:30:17) I got the DH email also, and I've seen their fuckups, but I have other

AskMeFi: ampwtfdoesthismean

(2008-01-14 23:27:04) It takes a bit of passion, but not a massive amount of math. My poor

AskMeFi: how split a string in bash

(2008-01-12 20:53:28) $ A='thisvar contents of this var'

AskMeFi: Why is my mustache mostly white on one side

(2008-01-10 20:02:25) I'm with the Admiral, about 5 years ago the gray started on the left

AskMeFi: Catchy name needed for our Lighten Up team

(2008-01-10 14:56:58) Cull The Sack.

MetaFilter: Where do they all belong

(2008-01-10 14:51:09) Guess we got a good one... can't take granddaddy away from his 'retirement

MetaFilter: Those darn neighbors need waking up I can tell you constable%E2%80%9D

(2008-01-09 17:42:33) as some profound fellow said, “I’d be a nut to go through all that again,

AskMeFi: What do you call your meals

(2008-01-09 03:21:56) When hungry: eat. When tired: sleep.

AskMeFi: Should I be tipping my dealer

(2008-01-09 03:05:46) 3rd Pollomacho. For small things going to be put to use immediately an

AskMeFi: How do I keep the French out or is that in

(2008-01-09 02:35:10) Get a hole cutter (round saw thingy for your drill) or cut by hand some

MetaFilter: not really your friend

(2008-01-08 18:33:25) My kitten would 'mew' and beg to be let into the shower almost every time.

AskMeFi: Mental health and petty theft

(2008-01-06 17:10:28) Go to the bookstore, try to find the book They Have A Word For It , there's

AskMeFi: Face to face with the oneeyed monster

(2008-01-03 22:12:38) I think it's just random morning raging woody. Guy's (at least me...) will

AskMeFi: Age limits at hotels how enforced are they

(2008-01-01 17:03:54) If it's fancy you can probably get by with "Bitch and Moan". I do this a

AskMeFi: Instant message help

(2008-01-01 12:00:10) Nthing Pidgin. It's been up and running on my machine for 89 days

MetaFilter: Photos of regular people looking extraordinarily bad

(2007-12-31 11:00:19) me . Oh the Horror, my eyes... they bleed.

AskMeFi: Everyone is having sex in the library but me

(2007-12-30 23:26:54) 3rding or 4thing slightly older man, are you in LA area? Keep trying,

AskMeFi: How do secularists deal without the comfort of religion

(2007-12-30 22:44:52) Every time I see Road-Kill I say silently or mostly aloud... "May you be

AskMeFi: Name the mystery object that was in my boyfriends christmas cracker

(2007-12-29 20:20:06) Keyring. Made crap like this in HS shop class.

AskMeFi: Animated Star Wars homages and ripoffs

(2007-12-29 13:50:58) Yeah, it's hard to tell if you want Sci-Fi stuff, or you like the Joseph

AskMeFi: Help A girl likes me

(2007-12-28 01:17:08) Ignore it, Boys, Girls, 10-14-ish, hormone hell... you'll be forgotten

AskMeFi: My motherinlaw secretly baptized my Jewish children

(2007-12-27 23:05:09) N-thing the "hit up the Rabbi", y'know Athiest with Southern Babtist

AskMeFi: How do I walk and stand correctly

(2007-12-27 19:05:54) N-thing the rest... Especially the "string from the crown of your head

AskMeFi: The Vista fails to inspire me

(2007-12-26 14:24:54) It's not FUD, Vista is a nightmare. This coming from somebody who has to

AskMeFi: which unix shell is best

(2007-12-25 22:52:45) bash. bash. bash. (bonk on the head), bash. 20 years ago t?csh was cool, a

AskMeFi: Help creating a bot

(2007-12-24 15:00:33) Perl.

AskMeFi: Im looking for an MP3 player that you can treat like a USB drive With recording capabilites

(2007-12-24 14:40:19) Second Cowan iAudio products. iRiver sorta turned evil last time I checked

AskMeFi: Should I clean kerosene spilled on a hard outdoor surface

(2007-12-23 23:11:41) Ignore it... let things air out, no big deal. (spent youth filling up


(2007-12-23 22:51:28) Yeah, now I would read the fine print and lawyer up. My old self would say

MetaFilter: Greetings Welcome to another edition of Team Fortress 2 Trivia

(2007-12-23 03:13:54) bah, it's an 'XXXX gamer' thing, we did the same shit back in Quake III

MetaFilter: Words words words And symbols

(2007-12-22 21:05:53) /bin/(ba)?sh; export EDITOR=vim?; export VISUAL=vim?

AskMeFi: Please help my sister laugh for Christmas

(2007-12-22 10:38:14) Nth-ing Vonnegut, the only thing I still fondly remember about an ex-gf was

AskMeFi: Tips on avoiding backhoes welcome too

(2007-12-21 07:40:31) Yeah... I don't see a difference in everyday life. Especially if you're

AskMeFi: How big a bang am I allowed to make without actually invading anyone

(2007-12-21 07:09:18) Ah how I miss the old days... rural Virginia... Calcium Carbide tennis

AskMeFi: Okay fine I never thought Id say it But yeah I love LA

(2007-12-20 00:44:48) I live in Glendale in a living room/dining

AskMeFi: Does carrying my laptop in a roller bag damage the laptop due to the vibration

(2007-12-20 00:12:19) Yeah, I have a Dell Latitude D600 running Linux with no sleep/hibernate

AskMeFi: I dont want to work with the public anymore

(2007-12-18 19:30:13) Any sort of menial assembly line unskilled labor work you can think of.

AskMeFi: We are not the masters of subtitling yet

(2007-12-16 21:31:06) sweet, I enjoy being wrong... :) I guess that in the *few* 'DVD' rips of
(2007-12-16 19:46:44) Subtitles are just very complicated text files, this is why you can choose

AskMeFi: rot13realname

(2007-12-16 21:04:42) Yeah, can't agree with the numbers thing, that amount of data ain't

MetaFilter: Mammoth shrapnel

(2007-12-16 12:23:42) I didn't see it mentioned in a quick scan of the links here (but I may have

AskMeFi: How DO they do it

(2007-12-15 22:48:20) yep, Don't worry about it... there are dozens of ways to determine that

AskMeFi: Cant remember a movie

(2007-12-15 22:00:22) Yeah, as an avid watcher of '80s USA Network "Kung Fu" theater... what you

AskMeFi: How do I weed my book collection

(2007-12-15 15:49:51) Toss at a second hand bookstore anything that isn't totally unique or sorta

AskMeFi: Whats up with Yahoo

(2007-12-14 21:41:25) Your computer, or your ISP... If Yahoo had a major problem I'd know about

AskMeFi: Brain in 2nd Gear

(2007-12-14 15:34:33) It may not even be 'morning person'... I tend to do the 28 hour day 6 days

AskMeFi: What is the best codec settings and software to backup animation Disney Pixax DVDs

(2007-12-14 11:52:20) Yeah, I'd just keep the VOBs, but if you don't want to go out and get new

MetaFilter: w00t

(2007-12-13 21:03:45) Back in '87 or so we captured BIFF and handcuffed him to a tree and took
(2007-12-13 08:23:40) I like this. Just because around 2000 or so when I was a gamer, I started

AskMeFi: Can I SSH with TMobile Hotspot in hotel

(2007-12-12 10:51:24) 2nding corkscrew... I'm not sure of Windows compatabily, and I'm not sure

MetaFilter: 4 Dont touch me there

(2007-12-10 20:12:24) In late, but "Oh my God, there's an ax in my head!" was the first thing

MetaFilter: The Zen Mind

(2007-12-08 01:46:38) /me sits quietly doing nothing but seeming to lurk about.

AskMeFi: Who would pick up a hitchhiker with this thumb

(2007-12-05 20:30:48) I've had similar, 90% chance your initial doctor visit will be some

AskMeFi: If you tell me Congratulations I will barf all over you

(2007-12-05 10:28:17) I'm with GI or IBS issues, or Super Flu. There's been something going

AskMeFi: Gift for teacher moving to Japan

(2007-12-05 09:36:14) If you know where he's going, a map. A nice fold out travel map of the

AskMeFi: Help two clueless virgins

(2007-12-05 09:29:18) ummm... yeah... had this happen to me (the guy). Hours of pain, off to the

MetaFilter: A mouthful of bytecode

(2007-12-04 12:09:58) Ah, wonderful P-Code, I remember you well... 1983/1984 summer Computer

AskMeFi: Do they own my sons likeness now

(2007-12-03 21:00:51) To nadawi ... Get Off My Lawn Youngster... My original thought was a
(2007-12-03 20:25:25) Everything I've read says that grimmelm is on the mark. Local laws may

AskMeFi: NeedToBeSpacey

(2007-12-03 19:48:25) Can.of.compressed.air. Attack.the.spacebar.

MetaFilter: Evel Dead

(2007-11-30 16:45:37) .

AskMeFi: Good present for a teenaged boy

(2007-11-30 11:43:14) I fenced in college, using club equipment... I don't know what HS fencing

AskMeFi: DHCP and VLAN configuration help needed

(2007-11-30 11:16:37) yeah, either your Netgear switch needs to be a bit more of a router and

AskMeFi: How accurate is my motorcycle speedometer

(2007-11-29 09:20:56) 60 m/h is 1m/m, find an Interstate with mile markers, keep a steady 60m/h

AskMeFi: Aside from cannibas which herbs induce a high

(2007-11-27 16:53:56) Aside from Kava already mentioned, you can snort Cardamon root. Gives a

MetaFilter: Heavy Metal Skeletons in the Closet

(2007-11-26 18:46:36) More love for early Ministry! My favorite early 90's college party game

AskMeFi: Small business networking hardware

(2007-11-26 10:50:57) Haven't used HP stuff, but manage about 30 Cisco routers of various levels,

AskMeFi: Animating Still Frames with ffmpeg

(2007-11-26 09:14:00) Here .

AskMeFi: Tale of Twoor Three Cities

(2007-11-23 13:03:53) Seconding tapeguy , my first thought was William Gibson cyberpunk novels.

AskMeFi: give me stereo or give me death

(2007-11-21 18:36:02) Post search followup...
(2007-11-21 18:16:12) There is an that may be a better place to ask. I luv my x5

AskMeFi: Mysterious network speed cap on my PC

(2007-11-19 21:04:34) *cough* *cough* . Choose your ports wisely and block RST packets wisely.
(2007-11-19 19:48:10) Try testing against I2 Test Sites . You won't have to worry about maxing

AskMeFi: Employers server is unsecure

(2007-11-18 20:09:30) You're all over thinking this. I can't count on two hands the number of
(2007-11-18 19:37:49) Don't be a puss... Deal with it. Send some email to local .edu security
(2007-11-18 15:00:15) Look to people in the Security division/department. Innocent Google of a

AskMeFi: Scififantasynerdcore shows that I can download legally and freely via torrent

(2007-11-18 14:44:13) I was also going to say fansubs of unlicensed anime. If you stick to

AskMeFi: Remotely starting local X application

(2007-11-17 12:15:24) bah, code tags failed me... export/import the xauth stuff and set DISPLAY
(2007-11-17 12:12:37) OMG, 'xhost -' now! 'xhost +' is crazy "root my box" talk.

MetaFilter: One hit wonders of the 1960s

(2007-11-11 22:14:27) A fan of cheesy TV like Xena and Hercules and whatever that 2525 show

MetaFilter: Those mud pies were actually good for you

(2007-11-06 21:17:01) More anecdotal... My siblings and I literally had a giant pile of dirt for

MetaFilter: LSD Psychotherapy Artwork

(2007-11-06 20:39:17) I had read Leary and Hoffman and everything else on the college library

AskMeFi: Send Receive Large Data Everyday

(2007-11-06 07:48:36) Not going to happen. I have ADSL 1.5M down, 386K up, my ADSL terminates at

AskMeFi: Beyond the pink daisy shaver

(2007-11-03 09:19:17) Another guy who hates to shave. Sometimes it's a week or more between

AskMeFi: How do I stop repeated doortodoor solicitation inside a NYC apartment building

(2007-10-31 18:52:11) I do the naked crazy bastard thing... If it's not my landlord knocking at

AskMeFi: How do I clean a filthy pile of everyday American coins

(2007-10-31 17:36:38) No need to clean them beyond a quick washing off with soapy water. Throw

MetaFilter: Never Get Busted Again

(2007-10-31 10:51:18) The cat thing might work... Many years ago, driving cross country in a

AskMeFi: Cute thing downed by bb gun

(2007-10-30 09:19:27) Don't mock the BB-Gun. The "Red Ryder" spring powered guns may be weak,

AskMeFi: Help me utilise my printer

(2007-10-27 22:35:58) Second sebastienbailard 's 4chan /po/ (papercraft board). Third the "don't

AskMeFi: Why why wifi

(2007-10-26 17:09:08) Try actually disabling the wireless before you suspend and re-enabling when

AskMeFi: packet loss wreaks more havoc than it ought to on ssh sessions

(2007-10-25 11:20:16) If your SSH client is based on the OpenSSH code (server or client side)...

AskMeFi: An intellectual carrot The mind boggles If youre going to grow that stuff make sure theres enough for everybody

(2007-10-24 20:19:45) Yeah, on the anime front there are multitude of "haha-funny" type subs

AskMeFi: Something is spewing files on our box

(2007-10-17 19:58:56) WOW, seems 'ls -U' is supreme. (boring stuff follows).
(2007-10-17 19:19:04) It is buffering it all into memory, it's just the shell that is doing the
(2007-10-17 18:36:11) Stop the webserver.

AskMeFi: Japanese words for greataunt greatgrandmother

(2007-10-12 23:38:46) Frak! Late night and I'm wondering how great-great-grandfather would work.
(2007-10-12 18:48:18) Using '-chan' with and older person is almost always a bad thing. Same
(2007-10-12 18:22:17) My Kodansha's Communicative English->Japanese dictionary has an entry for

AskMeFi: Lost in the Asian market I cannot yet shop happily

(2007-10-12 12:48:07) Look for a bottle of Ramune ラムネ just for the cool bottle.

AskMeFi: What is this TV show that licensed my music

(2007-10-09 17:07:16) Does ABC have any ties to Discovery Channel or History Channel? I could

AskMeFi: How do we avoid kissing at our wedding reception

(2007-10-03 21:54:02) LOL, I didn't even know there was a glass-clink -> bride/groom kiss thing.

AskMeFi: Savings for Dummies 101

(2007-10-01 19:13:51) Damn, I want to hijack this thread... Savings for Dummies 102. I'll take

AskMeFi: Bizarre Linux Networking Problem

(2007-10-01 18:19:54) Are you sure about iptables? I'm a CentOS newbie, 'apf' is "command not

AskMeFi: head humping cat

(2007-09-26 23:24:54) 2nd the 'hiss' at him. Chase him around the house, back him into a corner

AskMeFi: Why did I waste my youth pulling the sides off printer paper

(2007-09-25 20:28:48) I vote for ancient simplicity. My first computer job had 132 column

MetaFilter: Go Home Productions went home

(2007-09-22 02:11:39) Nevermind, there's a BT Link now for the whole thing..
(2007-09-22 01:05:32) Ditto on the *wow*, I have a dozen or so GHP tracks on my MP3 player and my

AskMeFi: Whither payoffs to scum

(2007-09-21 13:23:01) Dodge them for 7(?) years and then pay up to silence the noise. (maybe)

AskMeFi: Help me get my Goth on

(2007-09-20 21:57:27) Old goth or 'spooky kid' goth. I have only older goth advice, spooky kids

MetaFilter: Avoiding Kids How Men Cope With Being Cast as Predators

(2007-09-13 12:30:38) If you missed it, go read this Fark Thread from last week about this

AskMeFi: Long lost friend or creepy psycho

(2007-09-12 18:22:13) Yep, drop a note... you never know what may happen. "Hey, your order was

AskMeFi: Pidgin Users

(2007-09-05 21:43:41) I'm on Gaim 2.0.0_beta6 or whatnot, should be the same as Pidgin. Go to

MetaFilter: The western base for the coming chaos

(2007-09-03 19:10:49) muahahaha... True story... back in the early 90's my roommate was E.E.C.

AskMeFi: Technically its piracy but it doesnt feel that way

(2007-09-01 22:40:22) "Gray Market".... or something similar. This is how I rationalize

AskMeFi: Is there any way to keep Windows from spoiling

(2007-08-31 19:56:41) Give up. Seriously. Give up. Failing that, re-install one final time,

AskMeFi: Why do some Japanese TV shows use difficult English phrases instead of Japanese ones

(2007-08-25 17:41:39) In addition to the foreign coolness factor, Japanese has been doing this

AskMeFi: How to quit

(2007-08-19 19:50:09) It depends on your work environment. Some places will send security to

MetaFilter: And the internets went two by two

(2007-08-18 07:23:29) Umm... there would be people on the moon taking care of the stuff, and if

AskMeFi: Help Me Find a PseudoCard

(2007-08-06 23:07:40) Wait until you go to school. See if there is a school Credit Union for

AskMeFi: Who knows women like the gays

(2007-08-02 23:25:04) I'm with quin and UbuRoivas both, but maybe like the puppy thing, if you're

AskMeFi: Where can I get huge origami paper

(2007-07-28 12:57:51) From my 20+ year old drafting student days, paper sizes increase by

AskMeFi: Any good ircd hosts

(2007-07-27 09:06:41) For the past year or so I've been using a cheap $5/month shared IRCd

AskMeFi: %E6%89%8B%E4%BC%9D%E3%81%A3%E3%81%A6%E3%81%8F%E3%81%A0%E3%81%95%E3%81%84

(2007-07-14 14:02:17) Go to TheJapanesepage.Com and check out the JLPT discussion group threads

AskMeFi: Googling Im doing it wrong

(2007-06-21 15:53:39) 2nd adipocere... true lolcat is found on 4chan "/b/ -Random" on caturday.

AskMeFi: Should network administrators have their mobile phone and home internet expenses reimbursed

(2007-06-19 17:41:43) netadmin for a University speaking... my cell phone is paid for by work,

AskMeFi: How to spend my budget before it disappears

(2007-06-19 16:44:36) If you use STATA a lot, and I mean *a lot*, buy another computer. It looks

AskMeFi: What does this inscription say

(2007-06-18 14:55:53) Lookup 友中 ... it doesn't seem to be a Chinese word (at least in that

AskMeFi: How do you show that you had an object before a certain date

(2007-06-14 22:54:58) Seconding the upload an encrypted version somewhere very public and

AskMeFi: 80s emo ballad mix

(2007-06-13 23:27:56) Damn you MonkeyToes... i've been on YouTube for the past N hours and I'm

AskMeFi: Why doesnt God call any more

(2007-06-12 21:13:23) It's too late to go a googleing at the moment, but look up and read about

MetaFilter: If it really works it doesnt matter if you dont believe in it

(2007-06-11 22:31:10) What I remember of death touch was a bit more specific... there's a

AskMeFi: Hard drive data recovery Possible to get a reasonable price for it

(2007-06-11 20:13:14) Freezing drives only helps when the problem is that the drive doesn't

AskMeFi: Just another committee meeting where nothing was accomplished

(2007-06-11 19:56:51) Recent meetings of mine... "Action Items", the last 5 or so minutes of the

AskMeFi: Language Limbo

(2007-06-10 14:14:18) Maybe you can find something at the University of Virginia Library -

AskMeFi: Please help me get this IT Support position

(2007-06-09 14:47:32) Sorta Nthing the "don't feel too bad about it" sentiment. I've been at the

AskMeFi: Is there such a thing as a Free Audio Embed Player

(2007-06-09 14:05:01) Check This . I haven't read all of the rules and such, but this Flash

MetaFilter: The Tank Man of Tiananmen Square

(2007-06-09 11:21:12) I was in college at the time and on Usenet (the pre-web Internet). This

AskMeFi: What time is it in Indiana

(2007-06-04 16:36:58) This may help a little bit. What others have said is correct, always store

AskMeFi: A nice gesture and a nice drink to match

(2007-06-03 17:28:14) Meh, bourbon, whisky, and tequila drinkers. Get a decent bottle of vodka,

AskMeFi: amateur hard drive swap or road to sorrow

(2007-06-02 20:28:09) Work buys my computers, so I keep buying new external USB drives for

AskMeFi: Very strange art

(2007-06-02 20:10:39) I've seen a few here in L.A. also. In one place it even looks like they

MetaFilter: Your favorite keyboard sucks

(2007-06-02 20:02:55) Not necessarily a new metaphor for writing, and much more than predictive

AskMeFi: Is the Dharma Wheel a commonly recognized Buddhist symbol

(2007-06-02 16:08:55) I consider myself more Buddhist than anything else but still I would not

AskMeFi: Suit me up

(2007-05-31 12:29:07) Maybe Glendale Suit Outlet ? There's another similar "Suit Warehouse" like

MetaFilter: MTV for emotaku

(2007-05-29 21:42:26) And we all know The Internet is for Porn .

MetaFilter: kuroko

(2007-05-28 05:34:28) The show is Kasou Taishou and a YouTube Search kept me laughing for hours

AskMeFi: Lost in translationbecause I cannot read hiragana

(2007-05-27 11:30:38) The scroll thingy needs to be much bigger before it will be readable (at

AskMeFi: Going to a concert alone

(2007-05-26 18:39:23) I'm in L.A. ... which concert? ... :)

MetaFilter: Nurture My Pig

(2007-05-26 11:02:51) no NeonSurge , the kid wasn't alone. This was on a "pay to hunt" type of

AskMeFi: Foundations without water or electricity Am I dreaming

(2007-05-24 20:36:06) If I were you... I would just six posts in the ground and build a

AskMeFi: Buttered PopTarts

(2007-05-23 20:19:39) Occasional butter on non-frosted varieties, butter on frosted cinnaYUM, no

AskMeFi: Why do I have so many scraps of paper

(2007-05-22 20:37:38) bah!, let's up the ante. i want an OSS solution that also keeps track of

MetaFilter: None if by land two ifoh its all so depressing

(2007-05-22 20:18:24) bah, please don't put goth and emo in the same thought... (and do dismiss

AskMeFi: What should I get my little sister for her High School graduation

(2007-05-20 22:41:30) wow, a Leatherman is a good idea... but I'm a geek...

AskMeFi: Japanese AC Unit Translate Buttons Please

(2007-05-18 16:32:44) Remote: top-left, operation change, I would guess that it cycles through

AskMeFi: My tax returns are being sucked up by unpaid Stafford Loans that have long disappeared from my credit report If I offer to pay the whole thing off what can I expect

(2007-05-17 20:57:53) i had outstanding student loans for years and years... playing the keep

AskMeFi: Simple manga choices

(2007-05-15 21:43:06) Seconding "Japanese the Manga Way", it's a good book. And seconding the

AskMeFi: Closure Exposure

(2007-05-08 17:56:14) shhhhush, I was trying to avoid CS speak for the OP's sake. By the time
(2007-05-08 17:07:07) doh!, I should learn to preview... :)
(2007-05-08 17:00:07) null terminated , that is not strictly an example of a closure, that is

MetaFilter: and left nought but ash

(2007-05-05 23:06:11) To delmoi.... yes, concrete is strong under compressive forces.. not so
(2007-05-05 22:36:50) There are actually a few good threads on Fark about this event, and I lived

AskMeFi: Book on dual booting

(2007-04-14 14:07:02) In addition to the above... IIRC, turn off your XP swapfile, boot into

AskMeFi: Getting into Japan with a criminal record

(2007-03-28 19:53:41) You might want to ask somewhere like TheJapanesePage.Com . (possible sorta

AskMeFi: What are those little clocks

(2007-03-24 22:42:56) They are probably there to record a production run number or such for

AskMeFi: How can I stop being a snobbish jerk about music

(2007-03-18 23:42:36) Try some Remix/Mashup tunes like from Best of Bootie 2006 or

AskMeFi: Martial arts in SoCal

(2007-03-15 22:27:43) The Aikido Institute of America is on the Glendale/Eagle Rock border. I

AskMeFi: Why does eHarmony think I am destined for a life of loneliness

(2007-03-14 22:14:16) wikipedia to the answer:

AskMeFi: No smoke or smell from crematoriums

(2007-03-11 00:21:10) I'm with porpoise, they are not cooking, they are not burning for fuel,

AskMeFi: What is causing my laptop slowdown

(2007-03-11 00:03:05) You don't give your OS. I have a 1.8GHz Latitude D600 that lives on a

AskMeFi: NoniPod Flash DAPMP3 That Plays WAVs

(2007-03-09 20:55:07) I have two Cowon players and I love them both. A little 'AA' powered 2Gb

AskMeFi: automatically setting my computer clock

(2007-03-07 17:32:43) Also, you can use '' as an NTP server. I believe that they

AskMeFi: tell me how to live my life

(2007-03-02 01:12:51) Satapher pays too much, a hundred and some change for half of good or an

AskMeFi: How many digits of pi did you have to memorize

(2007-02-22 20:55:37) Did you really have to remember them all? If you got the 51st digit wrong,

AskMeFi: What does the phrase early close of stdout mean

(2007-02-20 12:49:39) exec replaces the currently running program with another program. So the

AskMeFi: wow wolfman has nads

(2007-02-19 22:51:12) If my broken collarbone didn't hurt for weeks and weeks... I would trade a
(2007-02-19 17:02:12) If my long-ago martial arts teachers weren't lying to me... the initial

AskMeFi: Look into my eyesand explain this commercial

(2007-02-19 16:26:52) I took it like this... the guy knows he did something in Vegas, the

AskMeFi: Baldness or malnutrition

(2007-02-11 23:53:34) Since baldness is supposed to be passed down from your mothers side of the

AskMeFi: Please tell me everything you know about MIDI over Ethernet or MIDI over IP

(2007-02-11 23:30:02) How do I optimize it for performance and reliability? Pitfalls?

AskMeFi: I landed my dream job but I dont think Im cut for it What should I do

(2007-02-07 21:46:31) If there isn't one already, setup an Instant Messaging server, Jabber or

AskMeFi: Can you help me find this line dance

(2007-02-06 20:33:26) also, a search 'algorithm taiso' on YouTube will bring back lots of
(2007-02-06 20:28:53) Ninja Dance!

AskMeFi: Do you grok my eureka moment

(2007-02-01 00:49:50) maybe this: conscious competence learning model .
(2007-02-01 00:07:54) 'Critical mass'? 'Crossing the threshold'? 'Ah-ha moment'? 'Fulfillment of

AskMeFi: How do I show I am a quick learner in under 8 hours

(2007-01-30 17:34:05) I also like Idenneu's idea. In addition, make sure your laptop is ready

AskMeFi: Computer refuses to let us erase the hard drive

(2007-01-28 23:15:09) others are correct. if you do not see BIOS messages before you see grub,

AskMeFi: Ive Heard The Jokes Already

(2007-01-28 18:11:50) i tend to bite my nails during periods of stress, so i feel your pain...

AskMeFi: What does hair and hemline mean

(2007-01-26 21:29:47) here, here. the only reason i wish "i were female" is the vast variety of

AskMeFi: Help me consolidate thousands of pictures

(2007-01-25 12:42:44) fdupes does wonders.

MetaFilter: Upwardly Goth

(2007-01-24 02:28:47) no, no, no... the vampire crowd is two doors down on the left. don't fall

MetaFilter: If liking HALCALI is wrong I dont want to be right

(2007-01-22 22:14:17) nth on the neomarxism blog... In fact, five fresh fish should check out

AskMeFi: Regex question

(2007-01-21 16:19:49) #!/usr/bin/perl

AskMeFi: Is my friend an Xman

(2007-01-19 21:37:51) The scientist in me wants to call this "bunk", but experience tells me

AskMeFi: How to compress existing tiff files with lzw compression

(2007-01-16 22:58:59) libtiff (different link) and/or ImageMagick which will use libtiff and

AskMeFi: Driving with parking brake

(2007-01-11 23:29:58) Check out the Prius Wikipedia page and visit some of the 'Enthusiast sites'

AskMeFi: A 100 Cat5 tester

(2007-01-04 23:27:04) call the people who manage the wall-to-switch and further along connection

AskMeFi: Inconceivable

(2006-12-20 22:19:19) Darn it jellicle, I was going to say Steven Brust, but I would recommend

AskMeFi: How do I combine two identical damaged DVDs into one good one

(2006-12-16 20:50:02) Find a friend who uses Linux. Linux (and probably OSX) treat DVDs and HDs

AskMeFi: Looking fer a Genki Japanese 1 lesson plan

(2006-12-13 23:51:05) If you haven't already, check out TheJapanesePage.Com forums, maybe search

AskMeFi: I need it to be Greek to me just this once

(2006-12-12 20:08:17) Go to Wikipedia, search for 'Pandora'. Over on the left under "in other

MetaFilter: Im So Confused Y2CultTube

(2006-12-02 17:54:27) Finally, the post that makes me go from lurker to member. This was